Monday, March 05, 2007

Training 2/26 - 3/4

Mon- Treadmill, 4 mi, 34:20, 8:35/mi

Tues- Jaira’s Jaunt, 7.1 mi, 50:29, 7:07/mi

Evening, upper body weights, 50 min

Treadmill, 4 mi, 33:39, 8:25/mi

Wed- Rest

Thurs- MKT- Bridge, 7.8 mi, 55:26, 7:06/mi
Raining cats and dogs when we started at 5:30 am with thunder and lightening. Skipped the warm-up since we just wanted to get it done. Then, half way through the run, it stopped raining, and cleared up. Trail was very soft. I skipped my evening treadmill workout since the right Achilles felt a little sore.

Fri- Treadmill, 4 mi, 36:41, 9:10/mi; felt very tired

Sat- MKT, 10 mi, 1:27:50, 8:47/mi
It was cold and trail frozen solid.

Sun- MKT, 22 mi, 2:55:38, 7:59/mi
I wasn’t sure what to expect for my pace and wasn’t sure I should even be running. Saturday night I reached down to pick up a newspaper and somehow hurt my lower back. I slept lightly and woke up about 4 am and couldn’t get comfortable because of the pain. I took 2 Ibuprofen, used the Dr. Ho’s Tens device for about 20 minutes and then 20 more minutes with the Swedish Massager. I went back to bed about 6 am, got comfortable on my side and slept for about 2 hours.

It was about 10 F and I was in no condition to run so decided to wait until the afternoon and see how I felt. My lower back still hurt, but I felt like I could run as long as no hills so I went to the flat trail. My pace was very steady and back didn’t hurt too much other than every so often had a sharp tinge and then felt okay. The last 7 miles everything felt smooth and pretty pain free.

I slept last night and my back felt better today so I guess the long run was okay to do. Everything else feels good too. Ankles feel good so the PT exercises that I’ve been doing must really be working. I did skip my weight workout last night since didn’t feel like I had the energy for it. I feel like I’m getting stronger with the extra mileage I’ve been doing. This week the plan is 54 miles and then the next 2 weeks in the 40s so I can taper a bit for an upcoming 5K and half marathon. Then back to regular training and more trail running.

Running went pretty well last week, but otherwise kind of a stressful week for me. Hugh was very sick most of the week and work didn’t go too well.

Running: 58.9 mi

Weight-lifting: 50 min

YTD Running: 515.8 mi

March 17th-St. Patrick’s Day 5K
March 24th-Sedalia Half Marathon
May 19th-Berryman Trail Marathon
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon

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Kurt said...

Just give yourself time to rest and recover. I know you know this just reminding you so you don't get hurt or ill before your big races.