Saturday, May 01, 2010

2010 Blue Ridge 5K

Ran the Blue Ridge 5K to benefit the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. I was glad to arrive a little early since I felt like I definitely needed a warm up. Since the 100K, I've been feeling sick since Mon, but better each day. Mostly just some sinus issues, but had not felt like running much all week. I've been really busy at work and bit of stress of preparing to leave my job. I figured it is good to cut back my miles this week even though I had originally planned to run more. The 2 mile warmup felt okay and he quads didn't hurt one bit.

I got back to the start line and had time to use the restroom and then the race started about 5 min later. Started off at my normal 5K pace. The guy in the lead looked a little familiar and he was clearly faster. The guy behind me, I have run with before and he usually comes in ahead. I started out in 2nd place but Greg, passed me at 1 mi. First mile split was 5:51. I tried to keep the pace and him in my sight.

The second mile was a loop through Oakland Park on the trail sidewalk. Part of it went gradually uphill. The course was well-marked and volunteers told us where to go. There were some sharp turns. I slowed a bit through here with the turns and slight uphill. Hit the 2 miles back at the parking lot before heading back the same road we ran to the park. 2nd mile split was 6:16.

I could still see Greg the last mile since it was a straight road. I didn't hear anyone behind me. I slowed a bit and finished the last mile in 6:26. According to my GPS, I ran 0.04 in 12 seconds so overall time 18:46, third overall, and first in my age group.

After the finish, the winner Matt P. (ran 16 -something), asked Greg and me if we wanted to run the course again to cool down. I ran with him. As we were leaving, Hugh was finishing and took 1st in his age group. Enjoyed chatting with Matt about his running, the races he has done, and dogs. I got back and waited around for the awards ceremony with Bill. Hugh got back just in time from running a few more miles. Mary Ellen B. won first place female today. This was a well-supported race with volunteers. I am not sure how many participants, but looked like we had a decent crowd today. There was also a mile fun run for the kids.