Thursday, March 26, 2009

Make-a-picture with your GPS

Anyone reading this may think this is really nerdy and we have gone off the deep end here in Columbia, Missouri. Perhaps this will be the next craze sweeping the country. So far I have not heard of it, but maybe others have done this. Hugh had this idea that people could run a route that makes a semi-recognizable picture or spells something.

He made an attempt himself on Tuesday. Can you read what he wrote between miles 3 and 4? You will need to zoom in:

Click here to see his creation

Then tonight another one of our running friends spelled something on his run.

Click here to see his creation

I am wondering if this might put Columbia on the map as the home of running art or footmanship?

I suddenly have this urge to go out and do a run and then in the middle of my run, draw a picture or spell something.
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