Sunday, June 24, 2007

Training 6/18 - 6/24

Tues- Jaira’s Jaunt, 7.2 mi, 54:43, 7:36/mi
Took it just a little easier than usual to recover from last week.

Evening: Weights, upper bulk #2 (Back/Biceps/Abs), PT, & Wobble, 58 min

Wed- Track workout, 1.1 mi warmup, 4-100s, 2- 800s, 2:51, 2:55; 4 400s, 1:19, 1:20, 1:19, 1:19; 1x100, 20, 800 m cool down
Overall: 4.2 mi, 27:11, 6:28/mi
The 800s were supposed to be run at 5K pace. The 400s were supposed to be run at mile pace. I think I was close on the 5K pace and a little slow for the mile pace. The last part of the workout we attempted a 4 min mile. My 100 m was slow after all those repeats.

Thurs- MKT Bridge - increasing tempo, 7.8 mi, 57:07, 7:19/mi
I started pretty slow and caught up to one faster group and then decided to catch another faster group ahead of them. We were supposed to keep increasing the pace until the end of the run. I felt like I really got sucked into the pace and was able to hang with them at an incredible pace, low 6’s.

Evening: Weights, upper bulk #1 (chest, shoulders, triceps), PT & Wobble, 60 min

Fri- Doe Brook with Dogs, 4 mi, 33:26, 8:21/mi
Legs felt really good for this recovery run. My recovery pace was about where it needs to be. Dogs jumped into the pond twice.

Sat- Long Run Lunatics, 15 mi, 1:58:22, 7:53/mi
M1-3- 27:36
M10- 6:33

Second 3 miles were to be run at tempo pace which I estimated to be about 6:35. I felt really strong on these and seemed difficult to keep the pace from getting away from me. The next 3 were recovery miles and miles 10 – 12 were tempo and definitely had to push on these and kept up with Tom and Darrin.

Sun- Bear Creek Trail, 12 mi, 1:51:48, 9:19/mi
The plan was to run 10 miles, but had enough time so did 12 miles. I ran to the hilly part starting at about 2 miles and repeatedly ran the hilly part until I had run 10 miles and then back to the car. I ran the first 4 hills attempting to get a maximum heart rate, but could only get up to 160 and I’m pretty sure it is higher. I did get a resting heart rate of 37 before getting out of bed. However, I had to throw the dog out of the bed at first which got my heart rate up. Eventually it went down to as low as 30, but seemed to stabilize at 37. I’m going to take a couple more readings for both min and max and see how high it gets at the track workout on Wed. I think I need a less steep and slightly longer hill. I pushed as hard as I could up the first 4 hills but I don’t think my legs were rested enough to get a max reading.

Legs felt good this week with all of the speed work. Also, lots of humid workouts too.

Running: 50.2

Weight-lifting: 118 min

YTD Running: 1310.7

July 4th-Parley P. Pratt Memorial 4mile Freedom Run
July 21st-Smokin’ Chicks BBQ 5K
July 29th-Show-Me State Games 5K
August 4th-Great Sandbagger 10K
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon
September 22nd-Hocking Hills Indian Run – 60K

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Training 6/11 - 6/17

Mon- Doe Brook with Dogs, 4 mi, 36:00, 9:00/mi

Tues- Dave's Devil Run, 6.6 mi, 44:51, 6:48/mi
This was our record attendance day with 169 runners. The warm-up was shorter than usual and everyone seemed to be pushing the pace.

Evening: Weights, upper lean #2 (back, biceps, abs), PT, & Wobble, 58 min

Wed- Track workout, 1.1 mi warmup, 4-100s, 4- 600s, 2:04, 2:06, 2:04, 2:02; 2-300s, 1:15, 1:05; 1x200, 800 m cool down;
Overall: 4 mi, 24:54, 6:15/mi
Hugh joined me for our first track workout. The 600s were supposed to be run at 5K pace, but I ran them a little fast at 5:25 pace. The 300s were supposed to be run at mile pace. I’m not sure my mile pace, but ran about the same as the 600s. The last part of the workout we divided into 2 teams of 10 and attempted a 4 min mile. I ran 200 m. Both teams were approximately 4:15. I think we would have done it but our baton handoffs weren’t great.

Thurs- MKT, spur to mulch pile, 7.8 mi, 1:08:03, 7:42/mi
Hamstrings were sore from track workout so planned to take it easy. Ran with 3 other guys, but still a pretty good pace on the all flat course.

Evening: Weights, upper lean #1 (chest, shoulders, triceps), 40 min
Completed stretches but skipped the PT exercises and wobble board.

Fri- Off
Abductors and hammies were sore. Upper body, mostly chest and triceps, really sore from new weight routine this week.

Sat- Long Run Lunatics, 20 mi, 2:51:36, 8:35/mi
We started about 5:30 am to attempt to beat the heat. My legs felt pretty good, but my hamstrings were a little sore. We started off pretty slow to warm-up. The first 10 miles seemed to go quickly and completed in 1:30. Hugh stayed behind on the second loop and did an extra 3 mile walk plus 3 mile run on his own. One other runner also left us since she only wanted to run 10 miles and we picked up 3 other runners for our second 10 miles. Each loop was different and had some hills. The second 10 miles went faster and the eight of us split into groups of 3 and 5 near the end, with the 3 of us picking up the pace. We completed the second 10 miles in about 1:22. It really warmed up quite a bit before we were done. I felt pretty good though and hadn’t lost too much weight when I weighed myself at home.

Sun- Rock Bridge State Park, 16 mi, 2:56:02, 11:00/mi
I arrived at Rock Bridge State Park at about 6:15 am. I had planned to run 16 miles. Deanna was there and we ran together. We did a short loop first and came back to the parking lot to see if anyone else showed up. Then we took off again across the road in the Gans Creek area. The trail over there was grown over quite a bit so we headed back after about 1.5 mi and ran on the Devil’s ice box side. My legs were pretty sore, but the soft trail was just what I needed to get the 16 done. Deanna ran with me for the first 11.5 miles and then I ran another loop to get the 16 miles. A very enjoyable run that seemed to go quickly. The temps heated up and I was glad to be done.

I think I’m going to take it a little easier for the next 2 days. Legs have not been this sore in a long time, but it’s a good soreness.

Running: 58.8

Weight-lifting: 98 min

YTD Running: 1260.5

July 4th-Parley P. Pratt Memorial 4mile Freedom Run
July 21st-Smokin’ Chicks BBQ 5K
July 29th-Show-Me State Games 5K
August 4th-Great Sandbagger 10K
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon
September 22nd-Hocking Hills Indian Run – 60K

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Columbia sets record at Tu/Th morning run

The Tu/Th morning run group set a new attendance record today with 169 participants. This breaks the previous record of 137 set on July 18, 2006.

Local media that included at least one TV station and one newspaper. There was a door prize for $100 towards a pair of shoes. Many of us parked across the road from where we meet since there isn't enough parking for this many people.

We always take attendance and today was extra organized. They had signs. If you had run with the group since Jan 1, 2007, one line, and then if you hadn't run, it was based on your last name for the line to check in.

They took a group picture and then we were off running by 5:38.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Training 6/4 - 6/10

Mon- Doe Brook with Dogs, 4 mi, 38:55, 9:44/mi

Tues- Dreier (hilly), 9.2 mi, 1:06:06, 7:12/mi
Good pace considering the hills and the course didn’t feel as difficult as I remember from the last time.

Evening: Weights, upper, PT, & wobble, 54 min

Wed- Rest

Thurs- MKT - Bridge, 5 half mile intervals, 7.8 mi, 59:54, 7:41/mi
After warm-up we did 5 half mile intervals with half mile recoveries. I didn’t time them, but was leading my group for the first 2 and the last 3 right behind Munashe.

Evening: Weights, upper, PT, & wobble, 51 min

Fri- Doe Brook with Dogs, 4 mi, 40:31, 10:08/mi
Hamstrings were sore.

Sat- Long Run Lunatics, Half Marathon Challenge course, 13 mi, 1:52:44, 8:40/mi
We started our run with another group and had 15 runners. Some ended up running a faster pace. This was a good pace for sore hammies and I needed to save something for Sunday.

Sun- Rock Bridge State Park, 5.2 mi, 1:07:11, 12:41/mi
The sky was glowing when I started the run and it was dark in the woods. I ran on the Gans Creek side and noticed a lot of horse poop. Thunder and lightening increasing so I decided to head back to the parking lot and decide if I would finish the planned 16 miles. I ran about half mile out and decided to turn back since I wasn’t enjoying this run. It was difficult to run fast since it was getting so dark and I didn’t want to get stuck in a thunderstorm in the woods.

Prathersville, 10.5 mi, 1:36:06, 9:09/mi
When I got home, it was raining. Hugh was out running so I decided to head out and run at least 10 more miles, 40 minutes after I stopped running at Rock Bridge. It rained hard off and on during the run with lightening and thunder, but still was a pretty enjoyable run.

Running: 53.8

Weight-lifting: 105 min

YTD Running: 1202.1

July 4th-Parley P. Pratt Memorial 4mile Freedom Run
July 21st-Smokin’ Chicks BBQ 5K
July 29th-Show-Me State Games 5K
August 4th-Great Sandbagger 10K
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon
September 22nd-Hocking Hills Indian Run – 60K

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Training 5/28 - 6/3 and Jeff Shikles 8K

Mon- Lee Pfefer Memorial 5K , 3.1 mi, 19:04, 6:09/mi + 1.5 miles warmup

Tues- Tripp 10K, 6.2 mi, 42:32, 6:52/mi
Pushed the pace pretty hard.

Evening: Weights, upper, PT, & wobble, 48 min

Wed- Rest

Thurs- 3 Diner Run, 7.9 mi, 1:02:35, 7:55/mi
Ran with Lisa for the 1st half and then picked up the pace since she took a shorter route.

Evening: Weights, upper, PT, & wobble, 52 min

Fri- Rest

Sat-Long Run Lunatics, Sweet 16, 16 mi, 2:21:46, 8:52/mi
Hugh and I ran for the first time with the Long Run Lunatics group. I didn’t stop the clock for the 2 water breaks. Hugh and part of the group took a shorter route to run 10.5 miles and then Hugh walked and ran another 2 miles on the trail. I think we’ll be running with this group again. It was a lot of fun.

When we arrived back at the trail, Parks and Recreation was getting ready for the National Trails Day Free 5K. This is a non-competitive run or walk on the MKT trail. We weren’t planning to run it, but another runner, Munashe from my Tu/Th group showed up and there weren’t many people so we decided to do it. What’s another 3 miles when I’ve already run 16, plus they were giving away free wicking shirts. Munashe had already run 12 and Hugh had run 15.5. We all ran together and just took it really easy. Finishing time was 31:14, 10:05/mi pace. When we finished we were able to pick from an assortment of free stuff like bug spray, first aid kits, etc. All 3 of us must have been nuts for running these extra miles since we planned to do the Jeff Shikles 8K on Sunday. A couple of the Long Run Lunatics were planning to run on Sunday as well. We made sure we had a really good lunch at KFC buffet.

Sun- Jeff Shikles 8K
I slept pretty good and woke up feeling not too bad considering I had run 19 miles on Saturday. My legs were just a little sore. We had our pre-race shake and headed off to the race. We arrived about 20 minutes early so I decided to warm up for 12 minutes and have a little time to rest before the start. The temps were in the low 60s, but felt pretty warm to me so I ditched my shirt. I really didn’t expect any spectacular performance considering my legs were not well-rested.

Everyone was already lining up for the start 5 minutes early and we started on time. I took off and just put out of my mind that I had run 19 miles on Saturday. It didn’t take long to get into racing mode but was glad I had warmed up a little. I took off and first decided I would try to stay with Munashe for awhile since he runs just a little faster than me. I decided he was going too fast for me so let him go and stayed behind a couple other guys that are just a little faster than me. My first mile split was 6:10.

I kept the pace steady and didn’t really push it too much since I figured I was going to have to slow the pace at some point. There were some hills and just tried to keep the effort the same. Mile 2 split was 6:22 which I thought, not too bad. Someone was calling out times awhile after mile 2 at the first water stop. Since it wasn’t a mile marker I’m not sure the purpose of calling out our times. I went by my GPS for all of my splits since I didn’t see any mile markers.

Somewhere between mile 2 and 3 Tom passes and he always runs faster than me. I wondered how he would run today since he ran a 1:24 half marathon yesterday. I thought maybe it would slow him down, but he was doing just as well as me. Mile 3 split was 6:34.

At this point, I could see Tom and another guy ahead of me not too far. Tom eventually passes the other guy. This mile has the worst hill and my split is 6:54 for mile 4. I’m thinking at this point if I can just run the last mile in 7 minutes, I’ll be doing great.

The end of mile 4 was up a hill, but then we go down hill and I was feeling pretty good so picked up the pace. I was gaining a little on the guy in front of me, but never caught him. I’m seeing the clock is less than 31:30 so pick up the pace and for the last few yards. The last mile split was 5:33. I’m guessing my GPS was off on some of the other miles, but I think it was pretty close. Overall my time was 31:34 which is a 14 second PR for me on this course and a PR for an 8K.

Hugh comes through at 37:41, which is a 21 second PR for him on this course. He placed 1st in 45-49 age group. I placed 3rd in 35-39 and 8th overall. I’m not sure how many runners yet since results have not been posted.

Running: 44.2

Weight-lifting: 100 min

YTD Running: 1148.3

July 4th-Parley P. Pratt Memorial 4mile Freedom Run
July 21st-Smokin’ Chicks BBQ 5K
July 29th-Smokin’ Show-Me State Games 5K
August 4th-Great Sandbagger 10K
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon
September 22nd-Hocking Hills Indian Run – 60K