Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Trekking for Kids

I ran part of the course before the race and figured out that had marked it wrong again this year and it would be short.  There was a 5 and 10K and I had signed up for the 10K.  It rained during the warmup but held off during the race but I was already wet. Since I knew the course was short, I decided to try running this faster than 10K pace and maybe even push it at 5K pace. First 3 miles went well and then slowed down a bit but still faster than my 10K pace overall and 2 seconds per mile slower than my 5 mile PR in 2008. Overall a good race for pace 6:13/mi for 33:01 overall and 5.3 miles.  I still like this race even though they can't seem to get the course marked correctly and it is a certified course with a map.  They say they will try better next year. Placed 2nd overall and won 6 months to Anytime Fitness. 

Only ended up running 7.7 miles between the warmup and the race.  I still am not feeling real motivated with running, but am happy if I can continue to get 40 something miles per week for now.  I went home after and did some P90X which made me feel really sore today. Even my neck muscles hurt.  I ran a 17 mile long run this morning that went okay and then really fell to pieces that last mile.  Average pace was 7:55, but last mile only 9:40.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011 Phil Sayer 5K Jefferson City

This race is put on by MU Extension Fire Rescue Training during their summer fire school in Jefferson City.  Money goes to a scholarship fund for continuing education for firefighters.  Mark Lee is the race director and makes the trophies which are pretty cool.  I ran it the first year 2 years ago, but missed last year since it fell the week after I had run my first 100 miler.  There were about 20 people running today.  Temperature about 72F and a little humid but overcast.  I started at my normal 6 min pace and 3 guys were ahead of me.  I held my pace and passed the first one at 1 mile.  First split was 5:56.  I could still see the other 2 guys ahead.  This race is totally flat and partly on the road and also the Katy Trail so I was hoping for a better pace, but didn't happen today.  Passed another guy at the second mile that was slowing down.  Second mile split 6:00.  The guy in first was too far ahead to catch so kind of lost motivation to push the last mile which I ran in 6:09.  Overall time, 18:45, 6:02 pace for 3.11 miles.  Received one of the nail runner trophies for second overall.  Hugh and I ran out and back on the Katy trail for a total of 10 more miles after running the race.


1. 17:43  -  Gerald Holtmeyer  -  1st Mens
2. 18:45  -  Andy Emerson  -  2nd Mens
3. 19:30  -  Caleb Ruth  -  3rd Mens
4. 21:22  -  John McNay
5. 22:53  -  Craig Wehmeyer
6. 23:10  -  Hugh Emerson
7. 23:33  -  Darla Atkins - 1st Womens
8. 24:25  -  Greg Luebbert
9. 27:27  -  Lisa Wehmeyer - 2nd Womens
10. 28:13  -  Allen Wehmeyer
11. 30:33  -  Christa Rhoads - 3rd Womens
12. 31:53  -  Stacy Ducan
13. 38:02  -  Kyle Haslen
14. 39:20  -  Julia Edgar
15. 40:05  -  Teresa Heidbrink
16. 47:19  -  Mary De la Guerra
17. 49:36  -  James Lundsted
18. 49:38  -  Julie Lundsted
19. 54:15  -  Angie Gott
20. 54:15  -  Cindy Gott