Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 Joe Mark's 5 mile Human Race and Amanda's 5K

I wasn't sure how I would do in this race so soon after Boston but wanted to run it. Temp was 70F so a bit warm, but legs felt good. I planned to attempt a 6:10 pace, the same as I ran course last year when I set a PR. I didn't have any idea if I could do it so would just see how I felt which I guess is usually the case in any race. I started out on pace and kept behind Nancy. Once we turned onto Cedar Lake, passed her up the slight hill. Bill was way ahead of me and there were 3 guys ahead of him and the wheel chair racer in the lead. I eased up on the pace just a bit. This seemed like a fast course, but I just could not keep the pace at 6:10 today. Kept it pretty steady the last 3 miles and finished in 5th of 42 runners, first age group, but no actual awards for age group. Course came out to 4.96 on GPS and ran 31:11. Other Long Run Lunatics running were Hugh, Phil, and Brett. Brett finished closely behind Hugh. I had a yummy cinnamon roll and then hung around until the next race that was also started in Bethel Park.

We walked over to the other shelter to Amanda's 5K. Hugh decided not to run this one but was joined but Brett, Phil, and John P. They had a huge crowd and I heard there were around 300 entrants counting walkers. This was a race to raise money for Amanda for a prosthesis.

I decided I would try to start out with Phil and see if I could keep up. I was hoping for at least 22 minutes. The course started in parking lot, headed down Bethel, and then all the way to the end of Southampton and back. Start was kind of awkward in the parking lot with so many people. I started slow and then caught up to Phil. About 0.3 mi we turn onto Bethel. I decide I can pick up the pace and run ahead of Phil. I notice at this point there are only 2 guys ahead of me and they are running together. I am easily catching them and don't feel like I am running that hard. The wind is against us on the way out. I pass them and cannot believe I am in the lead with all these people. At the turn around is Tom and Robin. I see at this point I have a good lead. I keep the pace steady and now have the wind behind me but it is feeling warm. I was pretty confident at my pace no one was going to pass me. The runners coming at me on the other side were offering encouragement.

I make the turn onto Bethel near the end and Hugh runs a bit with me. Then I turn into the parking lot to finish. Course was only 3 miles, but I was ecstatic with my time of 18:23 for 3 miles. I think would have been under 19 min if had been a full 5K. I definitely think the 5K was my race today and not 5 mile. I guess I had enough time in between to recover enough as well. Phil placed 2nd and also got a nice basket of goodies. Definitely the race to win a prize here.

My award was a super-cool big basket of various Nestle Products. A very nice gift and loved it since a good portion of it was chocolate. I was glad they had a huge turnout and I think this fundraiser was a huge success for them.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

2009 Boston Marathon

Andy's Race Pictures

Hugh's Race Pictures

Other Pictures taken by Charlie and Dan H.

Video by time of day I am between 12:50 - 1 pm somewhere in the last minute of video, but kind of fuzzy so couldn't really see myself very well.

We had another good Boston experience this year. On Friday evening, we arrived in Boston with Dan. S., Lisa, and Jeff. Dan H. and Kathy arrived on a later flight. Took the T and a commuter train to the Hilton Hotel in Dedham. This was about 45 minutes away from downtown but a very nice hotel and a good price. The staff was friendly and very helpful. Kathy and Dan H. took a taxi and just beat us to the hotel by a few minutes. We ended up eating dinner at the hotel and then heading to bed. I slept very well without cats and dogs on the bed.

On Saturday morning, we first went for a 4 mile run and then we all headed to the expo. We decided to spend about 2 hours and then meet and head somewhere for lunch. Picked up race packets, tried on shirts and Hugh and I both exchanged for a smaller size. We didn’t see much at the expo we needed to buy this year, but I did end up purchasing one pair of Mizuno shorts with a zipper pocket and another jacket like I purchased in Minneapolis only the red version. We ate lunch downtown at Vinny T’s near the expo. Thanks to Dan S. cool phone, we were able to figure out what was available and how to get there. During lunch I had a few texts back and forth from Danielle, but we were both so busy we never managed to meet up. Hugh went to Boston Common to the Emerson bookstore while the rest of us checked out Quincy Market and ended up in a bar sorting through our packets to lighten our load on the way back.

Saturday night, Charlie (Kathy’s son-in-law) and Tiffany (Kathy’s daughter), along with Kain (Tiffany's service dog) went to Chili’s for dinner. The 2 Dan’s had already eaten at South Station and did not join us. Charlie made 2 trips to drop the rest of us off. We had a nice dinner and then off to bed.

Sunday morning, some of us went for a 2 mile run. After the run, Hugh and I were meeting the Flints and kids and the rest were going to Charlie’s aunt Cecilia for brunch and then church. The Flints (friends from Columbia that moved to Rhode Island last fall) arrived in 2 cars to take us to the Aquarium which turned out to be more interesting than I expected. Lots of cool creatures. Then we went to Quincy Market. The food court area is amazing, but not much seating so Karen decided on Dick’s Last Resort for lunch. I had no idea what we were getting into but the staff lived up to the restaurant’s name. Actually, the experience was quite funny and Karen knew what we were getting into. After lunch, went to Chinatown where Karen did some shopping and we followed. Later in the afternoon, we said our goodbyes and Hugh and I went to the pre-marathon banquet since we were in the area. We got back to our room around 8 pm and I was in bed shortly after. I had already made my prerace preparations that morning.

I slept fairly well and we were up around 4:30 am and the fun began. I woke up a few minutes early and took my prerace shower. After having a shake and banana, Hugh, Dan S. and I went down to meet the others to head to the commuter train, catch the T, and then get on the bus at Boston Common. This year the bus ride went smoothly and we arrived around 7:45 am. Since we were heading to the Cleere’s house about a block from the starting line, we had to drop our bags. Kathy and Lisa attempted to put their bags on the second wave bus but they weren’t quite ready so Dan S. and I combined their bags into ours. The first wave buses went ahead and took our bags and we walked to the Cleere’s house.

The Cleere’s welcomed us into their home and had food for us to eat. We also took them some bags of goodies as a token of our appreciation. It was great hanging out in a low stress environment with our own bathrooms before the race. We enjoyed talking and then all went outside for a picture. Those of us in Wave 1 headed to the start around 9:45 am and the others followed later. We all walked together. Hugh and Dan H. were near each other around corral 12 and 13. Dan was in corral 5 and I was in 2. We continued walking until we lost each other in the crowd. I moved up in my corral as close as I could get which was about a third back. I decided to go ahead and remove the throw-away shirt I had brought. I was glad to not stand around long and we were off with a slow shuffle.

This year I was able to start a little faster which was not necessarily a good thing. The temperature was just a little cooler than I like at 42 degrees. There was a bit of wind in a few places but at least it wasn’t raining. I ran mile one at 6:49 and then 2, 3, and 4 in the low 6:30s which I knew was too fast but went with it. If I had slowed down, almost everyone would have passed me. The course went downhill so this fast pace felt so very easy. I had worn my name on the front of my shirt so had people calling my name. I enjoyed the crowd support. At times, I questioned whether I could keep up the pace. I was hoping to have a lot left at the end like last year. I was passing a few people on the hills and then later but nothing like last year.

The head wind was a slight factor on parts of the course and I tried to use others to block if possible. I know I went out just a bit fast. At the time I am doing it I am thinking I know this is probably wrong, but didn't slow down enough. It felt good and I was keeping pace with others. I wore a 2:55 pace tattoo since Dan had picked one up for me at a previous marathon. I knew that I wasn't ready but figured I could try to stay around 6:40s and see what happens. I think 2:57 might have been a more reasonable goal as taking over 4 min off my PR as I did last year isn't realistic anymore. Last year I ran the first half in 1:29:10 which was slower than this year and had a faster time overall last year. I didn't run the negative split this year so had a slower time overall. This tells me that I ran the first half a bit too fast. But overall, I can't complain since I ran another sub-3 so I am being consistent and didn't fade at the end.

5k - 0:20:51
10k - 0:41:50
15k - 1:02:41
20k - 1:23:55
Half - 1:28:33
25k - 1:45:08
30k - 2:06:50
35k - 2:28:26
40k -2:49:42

Finish Pace – 0:06:50
Official Time - 2:58:57
Overall - 1205

As I was turning in my chip at the end, Dan sees me as he is on the other side having his chip removed. We retrieved our bags (took me forever to get mine) and then waited for the others to finish at the E’s. We all headed back to hotel. Hugh and I attempted to use hot tub, but some guests were staying in it forever so just used the pool. Later that evening we had a little post-race pizza party. We were told we could dine in the restaurant. Manager said we couldn’t do that but offered us a nice private room.

Tuesday, we got up and made the long journey back home. I felt like I could go out and run another marathon although not as fast. This was a very fun trip running with friends and just what I needed. I think we should do this more often. If not Boston, then somewhere else since sharing the time with others makes it so much more fun than going alone.

Mile splits according to my GPS:

Interval 1 Mi 6:49
Interval 2 Mi 6:31.83
Interval 3 Mi 6:35.17
Interval 4 Mi 6:38.35
Interval 5 Mi 6:47.37
Interval 6 Mi 6:41.15
Interval 7 Mi 6:40.9
Interval 8 Mi 6:44.6
Interval 9 Mi 6:41.2
Interval 10 Mi 6:44.31
Interval 11 Mi 6:49.52
Interval 12 Mi 6:47.54
Interval 13 Mi 6:46
Interval 14 Mi 6:48.26
Interval 15 Mi 6:46.24
Interval 16 Mi 6:48.79
Interval 17 Mi 6:58.75
Interval 18 Mi 6:58.76
Interval 19 Mi 6:51.24
Interval 20 Mi 6:51.88
Interval 21 Mi 7:08.65
Interval 22 Mi 6:40
Interval 23 Mi 6:46.
Interval 24 Mi 6:52.56
Interval 25 Mi 6:44.61
Interval 26 Mi 6:44.95
Interval 0.42 Mi 2:43.72