Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/19 - 11/25

Monday, November 19

No workouts.

Tuesday, November 20

RUNNING (Tripp 10K at 05:30 am). 6.10 miles. Time: 44:12 (7:14/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 157 Shoes: Brooks Beast (16.1 miles)
WEIGHT LIFTING at 08:00 am. Time: 1:00:00
Upper Bulk 1.
NOTES: Weights, upper bulk #1 (chest, shoulders, triceps), PT, & Wobble

Wednesday, November 21

No workouts.

Thursday, November 22

RUNNING (MKT at 07:00 am). 4.50 miles. Time: 39:42 (8:49/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 157 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (53.9 miles)
NOTES: Ran easy and ate a cinnamon roll and apple juice before heading to the Pie Run.
RUNNING (Thanksgiving Day Pie Run at 09:00 am). 10 km. Time: 39:57 (6:25/mile).
Weight: 157 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (60.1 miles)
NOTES: We got up and went to run 4.5 miles with the Tu/Th group which met at 7 am instead of 5:30. At about 8 am we took off for the drive to Jefferson City. Got out of the car and felt colder there due to the wind.

This year we used the new certified course which is still just as flat as the old course. 5 and 10K started at the same point. I started out fast sub-6 min on GPS behind Bill & Matt. Legs immediately did not feel good and probably from starting out too fast. Decided I better slow down to no faster than 6:15, but legs still didn't feel very fresh. I settled in behind another runner, Dana, and my first 3 mi were at just under 19 min. I had a guy fly by me and sped up a little and passed Dana. Miles 4 - 5 were into the wind and I was wishing I had run the 5K. I was slowing down and Dana passed me but I sped up a little. Once I hit 6 miles, I noticed I had a chance at finishing under 40 minutes, I gave all I had and finished 39:57 which is a new 10K PR for me. Surprising result considering I didn't feel great and glad for this race to be over.

Splits were: M1-6:16, M2-6:22, M3-6:22, M4-6:18, M5-6:36, M6-6:25, M6.2-1:37.

Hugh finished 22:01 in the 5K and 2nd in the 50 - 59 age group. The 30-39 10K was quite competitive and I finished 5th in my age group.

Friday, November 23

RUNNING (Doe Brook/Oakland w/dogs at 11:15 am). 4 miles. Time: 34:57 (8:44/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 159 Shoes: Brooks Beast (20.1 miles)

Saturday, November 24

RUNNING (LRL-18 is enough at 06:30 am). 18 miles. Time: 2:30:36 (8:22/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 159 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (78.1 miles)
NOTES: Run felt good and didn't seem like I had run 18 miles. We started out slower and gradually the pace got faster.
WEIGHT LIFTING at 06:45 am. Time: 44:00
Upper Bulk 2.
NOTES: Weights, upper bulk #2 (Back/Biceps/Abs), PT, & Wobble

Sunday, November 25

RUNNING (Rock Bridge State Park - Devil's Ice Box and Gans Creek ). 12 miles. Time: 2:14:39 (11:13/mile).
Training run.
Shoes: Adidas SuperNova (trail) (12.0 miles)
NOTES: Nice slow trail run.
Running: 50.8 miles
Time: 7h 24m 03s
Avg. Pace: 8:44/mile
Weight Lifting:
Time: 1h 44m 00s
Running: 157.0 miles
Weight Lifting:
Time: 5h 5m 00s
Running: 2328.7 miles
Weight Lifting:
Time: 52h 43m 00s

Sunday, November 18, 2007

11/12 - 11/18

Not a very good week of running for me. I've been dealing with a slight cold since Friday, not sleeping well, and not a much motivation.

Monday, November 12

No workouts.

Tuesday, November 13

RUNNING (President's Hill at 05:30 am). 7.60 miles. Time: 55:34 (7:18/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 157
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (31.5 miles)

WEIGHT LIFTING at 7:45 pm. Time: 58:00
Upper Lean 1.

Wednesday, November 14

No workouts.

Thursday, November 15

RUNNING (3 Diner Run at 05:30 am). 7.90 miles. Time: 55:02 (6:57/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 160 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (39.4 miles)

WEIGHT LIFTING at 8:30 pm. Time: 53:00
Upper Lean 2.

Friday, November 16

No workouts.

Saturday, November 17

RUNNING (Cross Country Extreme ). 5 miles. Time: 42:00 (8:24/mile).
Weight: 160 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ascend (trail) (5.0 miles)
NOTES: Low pressure fun run. I'm not even sure of the time or distance. I dressed as a tuxedo cat and Hugh dressed as a dog. New to the race this year was crawling under some twine about a foot high obstacles while fireworks were being set off over us. Lots of smoke so difficult to see. Other obstacles on the course too. A couple of guys with chainsaws chasing people. The big round bales of hay we ran over had "scary" creatures. This was a tough course and then we had to do most of it again other than breathing fireworks smoke. The cat costume was a bit hot for the weather. I didn't place in my age group, but Hugh placed first in the 50 - 59.

Andy & Lulu
Hugh, Bruno, and Rusty
Hugh with his window weight XCX 1st place award

More pics:

Sunday, November 18

RUNNING (MU Rec Trail ).
Training run.

RUNNING (MU Rec Trail ). 10 miles. Time: 1:26:39 (8:39/mile).
Training run.
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (49.4 miles)
Totals through the displayed week
Running: 30.5 miles
Time: 3h 59m 15s
Avg. Pace: 7:51/mile
Weight Lifting:
Time: 1h 51m 00s
Running: 106.2 miles
Weight Lifting:
Time: 3h 31m 00s
Running: 2277.9 miles

Weight Lifting:
Time: 50h 59m 00s

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Training 11/5 - 11/11 & Cranberry Crawl 10K+

I'm trying out the Cool Running Log since this will make it a lot easier to post training to this blog. If it works out I will continue to repost my training here. I'm not sure if I will continue to use or not since the Cool Running log is transitioning over to Active Trainer soon. So far I like the Cool Running log, but I'm not sure if the Active log will have the same features free of charge. Hopefully, Active will retain the same format as Cool Running. Until Dec 31, I plan to use both the Thinmann and Cool Running or Active Trainer Log.

Monday, November 5

No workouts.

Tuesday, November 6

RUNNING (Diva Run at 05:30 am). 7.40 miles. Time: 53:59 (7:17/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 158 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (7.4 miles)
NOTES: Effort felt a little too hard at first, but by the end of the run felt great.

Wednesday, November 7

No workouts.

Thursday, November 8

RUNNING (MKT Bridge at 05:30 am). 7.80 miles. Time: 56:52 (7:17/mile).
Weight: 158 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy1 (7.8 miles)
NOTES: I hadn't done one of these workouts in awhile. I was able to push hard on all of the intervals and stay with the group. Also, my recoveries seemed to be easier than usual and ran faster recoveries.
WEIGHT LIFTING at 8:00 pm. Time: 1:00:00
Upper Bulk 1.
Weight: 158
NOTES: Easing back into my regular routine. I did combine both of my workouts and did only 1 set since I didn't do a weight workout on Tuesday.

upper bulk #1 (chest, shoulders, triceps) & upper bulk #2 (Back/Biceps/Abs), PT, & Wobble board

Friday, November 9

No workouts.

Saturday, November 10

sun sun Temp: 37
RUNNING (Cranberry Crawl at 08:00 am). 6.50 miles. Time: 43:57 (6:45/mile).
Weight: 157 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (13.9 miles)
NOTES: I ran the first loop in 20:05 and on the second loop made a wrong turn at one of the intersections. Stopped and asked a volunteer, and made the correction but ran extra 0.3 miles. From this point, I didn't run as hard. Very frustrating, but I didn't remember which way we went earlier and there was no one at the intersection and no arrow. I think I would have run under 41.

Overall though still not a bad placing (7th of 35) for making a wrong turn and delaying my finish by about 3 minutes. No big deal either since very doubtful I was going to PR on this kind of challenging course.
RUNNING (Dog Run - Oakland at 10:00 am). 4 miles. Time: 35:27 (8:51/mile).
Recovery Run.
Weight: 157 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (17.9 miles)
NOTES: Temps were warming up but the dogs ran pretty hard.
RUNNING (Kempers ). 6 miles. Time: 52:44 (8:47/mile).

Weight: 157 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (23.9 miles)
NOTES: Dropped the dogs off and continued run with Hugh.

Sunday, November 11

sun sun Temp: 58
RUNNING (Silver Creek at 08:15 am). 10 miles. Time: 1:38:26 (9:50/mile).
Recovery Run.
Weight: 157 Shoes: Brooks Beast (10.0 miles)
NOTES: This run was difficult (sore and tired), but did run the last mile with a lot of up hill at an 8-something pace.
Running: 41.7 miles
Time: 5h 41m 25s
Avg. Pace: 8:11/mile
Weight Lifting:
Time: 1h 00m 00s
Running: 75.7 miles
Weight Lifting:
Time: 1h 40m 00s
Running: 2247.4 miles
Weight Lifting:
Time: 49h 08m 00s

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Last Marathon of 2007 - Bass Pro

I'm getting around to posting a report on the Bass Pro Marathon that Hugh and me ran on Sunday. This is going to be a short report due to lack of time. Also, I'm going to quit posting my weekly mileage and it will be on my log if anyone is interested. I'm planning to switch to the Cool Running or log before the end of the year and this site will mostly be used to report on races.

We decided to run this one together to give him a chance to BQ on a course that was described as fairly flat. It was also fairly close to home. We did not announce to anyone we were running ahead of time.

We didn't have to commit early since they allowed registration on the morning of the race, but we registered the day before. There was supposed to be a free pasta dinner but no tickets were included in our packet. After some confusion, we got our tickets.

We showed up at 6:30 for the dinner and they were already cleaning up so we went out in search of food. I'm not sure why they closed down the food so early since we had to set the clocks back one hour and it was not advertised when the dinner ended. We found a place called Incredible Pizza that had pizza, pasta, salads, and desserts. It turned out to be quite yummy.

The race started at 7 am and temps were in the low 40s and no wind so I opted to just wear one long-sleeved shirt. The start was kind of crowded with the half and full starting together. I paced Hugh for about 15 miles at an 8 min pace which kept him from running the first half too fast. He seemed to be doing pretty well at that pace. After 15 miles, he was on his own and went on to finish and got his PR and a BQ.

I'm glad this one is over. It was a little hard to get motivated to run another marathon since this was my 4th (counting 1 ultra) in 8 weeks. This was the inaugural marathon and there were both good and bad points. The course was as advertised (although I know some will disagree). There were several out and back points and always someone recording our number. There was plenty of water and some of the stations even had bottled available. I was also impressed they were giving out E-gel although would have been nice to know this in advance.

The next day it was very difficult to find the finishing times which were not posted anywhere on the race web site. No information was given where to find them. I ended up finding them at the timing company site. They have everyones chip time and finishing time as 14 seconds difference rather than the actual difference so the times are not accurate.

The medals were probably the cheapest I've ever seen and I understand they ran out of medals for the half marathon. I've read they ran out of shirts for the half even for people that preregistered. The awards ceremony was too long but Hugh did win a $25 Bass Pro card before the ceremony.

Overall, it was a bit disorganized, but the volunteers on the course did a good job. Hopefully, they can take all the constructive comments they have received and have a better event next year.