Sunday, November 11, 2007

Training 11/5 - 11/11 & Cranberry Crawl 10K+

I'm trying out the Cool Running Log since this will make it a lot easier to post training to this blog. If it works out I will continue to repost my training here. I'm not sure if I will continue to use or not since the Cool Running log is transitioning over to Active Trainer soon. So far I like the Cool Running log, but I'm not sure if the Active log will have the same features free of charge. Hopefully, Active will retain the same format as Cool Running. Until Dec 31, I plan to use both the Thinmann and Cool Running or Active Trainer Log.

Monday, November 5

No workouts.

Tuesday, November 6

RUNNING (Diva Run at 05:30 am). 7.40 miles. Time: 53:59 (7:17/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 158 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (7.4 miles)
NOTES: Effort felt a little too hard at first, but by the end of the run felt great.

Wednesday, November 7

No workouts.

Thursday, November 8

RUNNING (MKT Bridge at 05:30 am). 7.80 miles. Time: 56:52 (7:17/mile).
Weight: 158 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy1 (7.8 miles)
NOTES: I hadn't done one of these workouts in awhile. I was able to push hard on all of the intervals and stay with the group. Also, my recoveries seemed to be easier than usual and ran faster recoveries.
WEIGHT LIFTING at 8:00 pm. Time: 1:00:00
Upper Bulk 1.
Weight: 158
NOTES: Easing back into my regular routine. I did combine both of my workouts and did only 1 set since I didn't do a weight workout on Tuesday.

upper bulk #1 (chest, shoulders, triceps) & upper bulk #2 (Back/Biceps/Abs), PT, & Wobble board

Friday, November 9

No workouts.

Saturday, November 10

sun sun Temp: 37
RUNNING (Cranberry Crawl at 08:00 am). 6.50 miles. Time: 43:57 (6:45/mile).
Weight: 157 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (13.9 miles)
NOTES: I ran the first loop in 20:05 and on the second loop made a wrong turn at one of the intersections. Stopped and asked a volunteer, and made the correction but ran extra 0.3 miles. From this point, I didn't run as hard. Very frustrating, but I didn't remember which way we went earlier and there was no one at the intersection and no arrow. I think I would have run under 41.

Overall though still not a bad placing (7th of 35) for making a wrong turn and delaying my finish by about 3 minutes. No big deal either since very doubtful I was going to PR on this kind of challenging course.
RUNNING (Dog Run - Oakland at 10:00 am). 4 miles. Time: 35:27 (8:51/mile).
Recovery Run.
Weight: 157 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (17.9 miles)
NOTES: Temps were warming up but the dogs ran pretty hard.
RUNNING (Kempers ). 6 miles. Time: 52:44 (8:47/mile).

Weight: 157 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (23.9 miles)
NOTES: Dropped the dogs off and continued run with Hugh.

Sunday, November 11

sun sun Temp: 58
RUNNING (Silver Creek at 08:15 am). 10 miles. Time: 1:38:26 (9:50/mile).
Recovery Run.
Weight: 157 Shoes: Brooks Beast (10.0 miles)
NOTES: This run was difficult (sore and tired), but did run the last mile with a lot of up hill at an 8-something pace.
Running: 41.7 miles
Time: 5h 41m 25s
Avg. Pace: 8:11/mile
Weight Lifting:
Time: 1h 00m 00s
Running: 75.7 miles
Weight Lifting:
Time: 1h 40m 00s
Running: 2247.4 miles
Weight Lifting:
Time: 49h 08m 00s

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Kurt said...

Dang good time even taking the extra distance. I hate when that happens.

I have found that Active does very little for free. My guess is they will charge for it in time.