Monday, October 08, 2018

Summer 2018 Races

Get Your Butt Kicked at Route 66 (6 hour)

July 14, I ran Get Your Butt Kicked at Route 66 (State Park, Eureka, Mo), a 6 - hr event that started at 6 pm. There were 2 different loops we could run . I ran 16, 2.4 mi loops and 9, 0.33 mi loops at the end for a total 41.7 mi. Overall about 8:30 pace. I ran 8 min for about first 26 miles and then gradually slowed. 2nd overall of 93 and 1st in Masters age group. I was hoping at least 42 miles so I guess I got my butt slightly kicked. We really got lucky with the weather. We had rain before the race and during which kept temperature in the 70s. Originally was supposed to be 91 at start. My first time running this format and I really enjoyed it. Tough to keep moving!

Psycho Psummer 50K

I ran my 11th Psycho 50k on July 21 - 7 Psummer and 4 winter. Temperature was not too bad - 68 - 86. I ran 5:10:11 - loops were 1:37:20, 1:44:10 and 1:47:40. My time was my second fastest for the summer version. Usually the splits are further apart when it gets in the 90s -100. I placed 8th overall of 71 finishers and 1st 40-49 AG.

Heart of America Marathon

Finished my 15th Heart of America - 3:22, 3rd overall and my slowest HOA by 2 minutes.