Monday, March 26, 2007

Rock Bridge State Park Trail Training Run

I think the distance was actually about 23.5 miles according to my watch. The data recorder seems to record a longer distance for some reason.

Route:--Elev. Avg:689 ft
Location:Boone, MOElev. Gain:+0 ft
Date:03/25/07Up/Downhill: [+3779/-3779]
Time:02:40 PMDifficulty:4.4 / 5.0


72F temp; 42% humidity

72F heat index; winds E 5

Distance: 26.51 miles

Speed:0 mph

Pace:0' 00 /mi


Elevation (ft.)
Speed (mph)
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Elevation
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
19' 44+0' 006.2+0.0+108 ft
28' 50+0' 006.8+0.0-13 ft
38' 50+0' 006.8+0.0-13 ft
411' 27+0' 005.2+0.0-52 ft
59' 20+0' 006.4+0.0+115 ft
69' 32+0' 006.3+0.0+27 ft
710' 18+0' 005.8+0.0-10 ft
89' 09+0' 006.5+0.0-75 ft
98' 54+0' 006.7+0.0-76 ft
109' 37+0' 006.2+0.0+131 ft
119' 07+0' 006.6+0.0-20 ft
129' 38+0' 006.2+0.0+3 ft
1310' 12+0' 005.9+0.0-155 ft
149' 05+0' 006.6+0.0+23 ft
1510' 00+0' 006.0+0.0+112 ft
169' 33+0' 006.3+0.0-30 ft
178' 50+0' 006.8+0.0-86 ft
1810' 05+0' 006.0+0.0+10 ft
1911' 14+0' 005.3+0.0+118 ft
209' 19+0' 006.4+0.0+4 ft
210' 00+0' 003614.6+0.0+3 ft
2210' 54+0' 005.5+0.0-144 ft
2310' 36+0' 005.7+0.0+69 ft
2410' 48+0' 005.5+0.0+29 ft
2510' 52+0' 005.5+0.00 ft
2610' 08+0' 005.9+0.0-75 ft
end11' 04+0' 005.4+0.0-4 ft
Versus average of 0.0 mph

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Training 3/19 - 3/25 and Sedalia Half Marathon

Mon- Rocky Fork Conservation Area, 4 mi, 34:13, 8:33/mi

Tues- Dave's Devil Run, 6.6 mi, 48:10, 7:18/mi
Felt very strong.

Evening: upper body weights, 47 min

Wed- Rest

Thurs- Rain Run Course, 7.5, 1:05:08, 8:41/mi
Very easy effort.

Fri- Rest

Sat- Sedalia Half Marathon
Saturday I ran the 25th Annual Sedalia Half marathon in Sedalia, MO. I didn’t really sleep well the past 2 nights but somehow woke up feeling rested. We left home around 6:45 AM to pick up a couple other runners on the way. We checked in, used the restrooms, and warmed up for about 10 minutes. Last year the temp was around 38F when we started but this year, it was 68F, the warmest temp I’ve run so far this year.

There were 123 runners this year and I decided to attempt 1:25 again this year. Last year I ran the course in 1:26:48. My first mile last year was a little fast so I decided to try to start slower this year and run the first mile in about 6:40. This is an out and back course with a small extra loop at the beginning that we don’t run on the way back. I held myself back on the first mile and first split was 6:43. At this point, I was hoping to hold pace between 6:30 – 6:37/mi. The next 4 miles were on target and I felt pretty good and passed several runners. Then I slowed a bit in mile 6 to 6:55 and didn’t feel that I was going to be able to pick up the pace so tried to hang on.

Miles 7 and 8 were a little faster with some downhill. The course is fairly flat, but the elevation still changed 50 feet throughout the course and there were some long inclines. There was also some wind on the course which is pretty typical for every year I have ran this race. Mile 9 was my slowest and I knew I wasn’t going to meet my goal at this point. Miles 10 – 13 were all close to 7 min. I figured that I was going to be passed by someone but didn’t look back. I don’t recall anyone passing me.

Here's my splits:


Overall time: 1:29:35, 6:50/mi (my slowest for this course)

I wasn’t very consistent and M5, 8-13 were all far off from where I wanted to be. The pace after mile 4 was not sustainable. Although my heart rate only averaged 156, later in the race it was in the 160s. I average about 155 for a marathon. Hugh didn’t meet his goal today either, but he ran 1:51 and seemed in good shape at the finish. I’d guess heat was a factor as well as not really doing any speed work. I drank at every water station, but felt pretty dehydrated at the end. I drank 2 bottles of water and my mouth still felt dry.

After the race, there were yummy blue berry muffins and bananas to eat while we waited for the awards ceremony. I placed 14th overall of 123, but really didn’t expect an award in my age group 30 – 39. They decided to go 6 deep in my age group and I placed 5th so I took home another glass brick.

I’ve posted my GPS data from the course which includes a map and elevation chart. The splits are different than my watch.

Hugh had an interesting encounter with a ”Psycho Runner”
that was trying to pass him. Hugh kept speeding up trying to get away from this guy. The guy was swearing at him calling him names, and saying “I’m coming for you sweetie”, and when he passed him told him he was slacking.

We forgot to bring the camera, but they had a photographer taking lots of pictures this year.

Bothwell representative telling us about suspicious moles.

Andy near the turn around point.

Hugh near the turn around point.Andy's Glass Brick for 5th in age group 30 - 39This is the shirt that I was awarded a few weeks ago along with a gift certificate to Tryathletics for the 2006 Columbia Track Club Serial Competition

More Pictures from the race.

Sun- Rockbridge State Park, 23.5 mi, 4:19:52, 11:03/mi
I took it really easy with the long run. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do 16 or attempt more. I started out across the road in the Gans Creek area and ran 8 miles Stopped at the car for a drink and headed over to the Devils Ice box side. I ran one loop and headed back to the car where I drank the rest of my water. It was 79F but didn’t feel too bad since it was cloudy and wind in some areas. Before I headed out for the 3rd loop, Kurt, another runner that runs with my Sat. group, was at the parking lot and I ran mile 16 – 20 with him and then we went our separate ways. He’s getting over a calf injury and wanted to avoid the hills. Very enjoyable run, but glad for it to be over. My legs felt like jelly by the time I finished. I had no water left at the car and had to wait until I got home.

I have elevation data that I’m going to upload later for this run.

Running: 54.7 mi

Weight-lifting: 47 min

YTD Running: 673.8

April 14th-Jay Dix Challenge to a Cure
April 21st-Show Me-State Games Stampede 5K
May 19th-Berryman Trail Marathon
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon

Sedalia Half Marathon GPS data

Actual Distance and Time 13.1 mi, 1:29:35

Route:--Elev. Avg:876 ft
Location:Sedalia, MOElev. Gain:-4 ft
Date:03/24/07Up/Downhill: [+652/-656]
Time:08:58 AMDifficulty:3.5 / 5.0

Weather:A Few Clouds

68F temp; 67% humidity

68F heat index; winds SW 15

Distance: 13.44 miles

Speed:8.50 mph

Pace:7' 03 /mi


Elevation (ft.)
Pace (min/mile)
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Elevation
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
111' 02+3' 585.4-3.1-- ft
26' 22-0' 419.4+0.9-- ft
36' 27-0' 369.3+0.8-- ft
46' 31-0' 329.2+0.7-- ft
56' 45-0' 188.9+0.4-- ft
66' 33-0' 309.1+0.6-- ft
76' 36-0' 279.1+0.6-- ft
86' 55-0' 088.7+0.2-- ft
96' 56-0' 078.6+0.1-- ft
106' 46-0' 178.9+0.4-- ft
116' 56-0' 078.7+0.1-- ft
126' 52-0' 118.7+0.2-- ft
136' 46-0' 178.9+0.4-- ft
end7' 22+0' 188.1-0.4-- ft
Versus average of 7' 03 min/mi

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Training 3/12 - 3/18 and St Patrick's Day 5K

Mon- Rocky Fork Conservation Area, 4 mi, 38:23, 9:36/mi
Legs felt pretty sore from the 16 mile trail run on Sunday.

Tues- Dreier Dirty Dozen, 9.2 mi, 1:11:12, 7:44/mi
After Monday night’s run I wasn’t sure whether I would run the long course since it is a lot of hills. I got behind a couple guys that I often run with and it felt pretty easy so I ran the entire course.

Evening: upper body weights, 51 min

Wed- Rest

Thurs- MKT- Bridge, 7.9, 1:02:23, 7:54/mi
This was supposed to be an increasing tempo run, but I did take it a little easier than usual. First half was 33 min and second half, under 30 min.

Fri- Rest

Sat- St Patrick’s Day 5K, 19:01, 6:08/mi
Saturday I ran the 18th annual St Patrick’s Day 5K run. This year was my 10th year for this race. We planned to arrive early and run the course right before the race. When we left home, the temperature was about 36 F. During our warm-up it began to snow and there was some wind. We took about 30 minutes to run the course and arrived back to the start 12 minutes before the race began. The temp had dropped to about 31 at the time of the race. Last year it was 60 F.

I’ve been running more miles than ever before but haven’t been doing any real speed work so I didn’t know what to expect. Last year I ran my fastest time for this course in 18:54 and had done some speed work. I decided to go out and attempt the 1st mile in 5:54, the same as last year and see what happened. I lined up near the front, but there were 2 people in front of me. It is a narrow street so we are stacked back pretty far. When we took off, it was extremely congested and took awhile to get around people. Also, noticed my GPS didn’t have a signal so I didn’t know how fast I was going. I found another runner than I know and decided to pace with him. Shortly, my GPS found a signal and said we were at about 5:57 pace. The first half mile was a little slow at about about 3:15, but we hit the 1 mile at 6:01. The first mile seemed really easy and I felt like I could carry on a conversation, but didn’t.

I kept with him until about 1.5 miles and then noticed he picked up the pace so I let him go and tried to hold it around 6 min. There’s a bit of a small hill during the second mile, and I noticed my pace slow a bit up the hill, but 2nd mile split was decent at 6:09. Last year I slowed a bit more during the second mile, but picked it up in the last mile. I still felt really good so kept the same pace. I think at this point I should have picked up the pace but did not. It began to snow harder during the race and the ground was becoming more covered with snow, but the roads remained clear. This was definitely unexpected.

There was another hill in the 3rd mile. I caught up to a female and passed her near the 2.5 mi and she passed me back so I just hung with her. My third mile split was 6:09. The race ends on a hill and ran the last 0.1 in 42 seconds. I didn’t pick up the pace but just hung behind this female finishing in 19:01. I felt good and think if I had known where I was at, I might have had a chance to break my PR of 18:50. Considering, I didn’t have a clue where I might be and not doing any speed work, I think it was a decent run. 19:01 is my second fastest time for this race course. I’m thinking that I can probably break 19 minutes again this year. It’s more mental at this point and some speed work wouldn’t hurt either. Also, I would guess my splits were the most even I have ever run a 5K. I need to read Chris’s race strategies again to work on the mental.

After the race, I waited for Hugh to finish (22:37) and we ran the course again. Then we went to the awards ceremony and neither one of us placed in the top 3 for our age group. Last year I placed 1st and he placed 2nd but apparently there were 188 more finishers than last year for a total of 783. I ended up placing 4th of 32. None of the guys in my age group that beat me ran last year. I needed to run 18:20 to place third this year. Overall I placed 25 of 783. Hugh placed 6th of 40 in his age group and 92 of 783 overall.

Sun- Rockbridge State Park, 15.8 mi, 2:17:24, 8:42/mi
About 14 minutes faster than last week for the same course. I felt speedy today, but am cautious where I need to be since I don’t enjoy falling which I didn’t do today. The creek that I have to cross was low so didn’t get my shoes very wet this week.

Next Sat, I'm running a half marathon where I've PR'd every year so far. It is a pretty flat out and back course. Right now the temps are supposed to be in the 50s at the start. Last year my first mile was too fast and my pace slowed in the second half. I'm hoping this year I can start at a more reasonable pace so I don't fall apart before the second half of the race.

Running: 46.2 mi

Weight-lifting: 51 min

YTD Running: 619.1mi

March 24th-Sedalia Half Marathon
May 19th-Berryman Trail Marathon
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Training 3/5 - 3/11

Mon- Treadmill, 4 mi, 37:15, 9:19/mi

Tues- President’s Hill, 7.5 mi, 57:34, 7:41/mi

Evening: upper body weights, 46 min
treadmill, 4 mi, 39:08, 9:32/mi

Wed- Rest

Thurs- MKT- mulch pile, 7.8, 58:17, 7:28/mi

Evening: Rocky Fork Conservation Area, 4 mi, 35:31, 8:53/mi

Fri- Boatman Hill/Oakland, 4 mi, 32:52, 8:13/mi

Sat- Column’s Run, 10 mi, 1:26:12, 8:37/mi
Near the beginning of the run we crossed the pastor peace march that was happening at 7 am. Managed to avoid the chaos downtown later in the day.

Sun- Rockbridge State Park, 15.8 mi, 2:31:07, 9:34/mi
I ran in the afternoon since I didn’t get up early enough to run in the morning. Temp was about 60 degrees and a lot of people out in the park.

Running: 57.1 mi

Weight-lifting: 46 min

YTD Running: 572.9 mi

March 17th-St. Patrick’s Day 5K
March 24th-Sedalia Half Marathon
May 19th-Berryman Trail Marathon
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon

Monday, March 05, 2007

Training 2/26 - 3/4

Mon- Treadmill, 4 mi, 34:20, 8:35/mi

Tues- Jaira’s Jaunt, 7.1 mi, 50:29, 7:07/mi

Evening, upper body weights, 50 min

Treadmill, 4 mi, 33:39, 8:25/mi

Wed- Rest

Thurs- MKT- Bridge, 7.8 mi, 55:26, 7:06/mi
Raining cats and dogs when we started at 5:30 am with thunder and lightening. Skipped the warm-up since we just wanted to get it done. Then, half way through the run, it stopped raining, and cleared up. Trail was very soft. I skipped my evening treadmill workout since the right Achilles felt a little sore.

Fri- Treadmill, 4 mi, 36:41, 9:10/mi; felt very tired

Sat- MKT, 10 mi, 1:27:50, 8:47/mi
It was cold and trail frozen solid.

Sun- MKT, 22 mi, 2:55:38, 7:59/mi
I wasn’t sure what to expect for my pace and wasn’t sure I should even be running. Saturday night I reached down to pick up a newspaper and somehow hurt my lower back. I slept lightly and woke up about 4 am and couldn’t get comfortable because of the pain. I took 2 Ibuprofen, used the Dr. Ho’s Tens device for about 20 minutes and then 20 more minutes with the Swedish Massager. I went back to bed about 6 am, got comfortable on my side and slept for about 2 hours.

It was about 10 F and I was in no condition to run so decided to wait until the afternoon and see how I felt. My lower back still hurt, but I felt like I could run as long as no hills so I went to the flat trail. My pace was very steady and back didn’t hurt too much other than every so often had a sharp tinge and then felt okay. The last 7 miles everything felt smooth and pretty pain free.

I slept last night and my back felt better today so I guess the long run was okay to do. Everything else feels good too. Ankles feel good so the PT exercises that I’ve been doing must really be working. I did skip my weight workout last night since didn’t feel like I had the energy for it. I feel like I’m getting stronger with the extra mileage I’ve been doing. This week the plan is 54 miles and then the next 2 weeks in the 40s so I can taper a bit for an upcoming 5K and half marathon. Then back to regular training and more trail running.

Running went pretty well last week, but otherwise kind of a stressful week for me. Hugh was very sick most of the week and work didn’t go too well.

Running: 58.9 mi

Weight-lifting: 50 min

YTD Running: 515.8 mi

March 17th-St. Patrick’s Day 5K
March 24th-Sedalia Half Marathon
May 19th-Berryman Trail Marathon
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon