Saturday, February 06, 2010

2010 Nut Race 5K

Good or bad, this race was going to be a test to see where I stand with my running speed and recovering from my bulging disc. I ran a decent 5K last October at Truman State and then ran First Night on Dec 31. I have not felt really good in months. I don't know if the cold weather or the low level of constant pain in the buttock area that sometimes goes all the way to the calf. I am feeling at least 90% better than when I was at my worst, but not 100%. I am not too worried I am going to injure myself further since I continue to do the exercises and am now even lifting weights again. This low level pain plays with my mind though and the fact that a lot of my runs since November have been slower than I used to run does not help. Although, when I have run faster in the past few weeks, I felt okay. After I am done running, I feel my best which I am guessing the endorphins might block the pain for awhile. Then if I don't run for a day, I feel crappy again. But my mood has been good so I am not too worried and am just dealing with it and hoping things get even better at some point.

I had a good warm-up of almost 11 miles just like last year with the Long Run Lunatics. However, the temperature was about 30 F colder at 36F which I don't enjoy. I was tempted to line up in the back, but got in the front. We started off downhill so it is a crazy fast start, but I noticed and slowed it down a bit. I ran a few steps behind Andy S. Phil was not racing it hard or I am sure he would have been right with us. I was trying to keep a 6 min pace since I couldn't imagine I am faster. The first mile was 6:06 so not too bad. I am still running with Andy and we run another loop. The hill we run up every time slows me down so I have to make up time on the downhill. My second mile was a bit slower at 6:13 so I am a bit worried about the last mile. The 3rd time up the hill I go around Andy and remember to pump my arms which made going up the hill faster than the second time.

I pass the start line and see Stephen B. pretty far ahead, but I think I might have a chance of catching him, but only if I pick up the pace since he is not slowing down. I pick it up and at about 2.8 miles I pass him going fast. After I did it I was worried that I made my move too soon. I was ready to be done, slowed a bit, and then tried to give what little I had left. Fortunately, he was nice and did not pass me but I think he was on my heels. Last mile was 5:56 and last 0.11 was 5:14 pace. Overall time of 18:50 which was my second fastest Nut Race (13 seconds slower). Anytime I can go under 19 is a good 5K for me.

Nut oriented prizes as usual so got a 14 oz bag of peanut M&Ms. I was first in my age group of 40 - 49 and 4th overall of 42 runners. Hugh placed 3rd in his age group which received 2 smaller bags of peanut M&Ms. Second place received a jar of peanuts. Ryan H. won overall in 17:06. Results will be posted soon at Columbia Track Club web site.


Chris R. said...


Great race, glad to hear that your back is doing much better and you are able to pick up the pace. I have to smile when I read that you ran 11 miles as a "warm up" before the race even started, that is awesome.


BrehD said...


Nice job at Psycho Wyco. I did the 10 mile there. I will be back in the KC area and was thinking about running the Sedalia half and was wondering if you could give me a rundown of the course-hilly, flat, anything else?