Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 Runner's Choice 20K

This is a very laid back event so I was just going to use as part of my run. I ran to the start from home. Some parts of road and sidewalk were a little slippery, but not too bad. On the way there, Dan H. honked at me. I arrived about 10 min before we started and signed up for the 20K. We had 18 in the 20K and 22 in the 10K. I lined up near the back of the pack since I was going to just see how it went. The run there felt okay and was not a bad pace so figured I could at least run 7:30s. Andy S. who I have run with quite a bit recently was there so I caught up to him. The course is out and back 2 times for the 20K so fun to see people on the way back. Lots of people I knew were running. Hugh also ran the 20K and was shooting for an 8 min pace.

Andy and I ran the first 10K in 42:59. We headed back out and actually did a bit of talking and then started to focus again. We ran together. until about mile 11 and then pulled ahead a bit. It was nice having someone to pace with since I haven't been motivated to run sub 8s lately and we were running mostly sub-7s. Finished in 1:25:52 so second half was 6 seconds faster. Overall average pace was 6:57/mi. This was my second fastest Runner's Choice so not too bad overall and I didn't feel like I went all out. I felt good too. Hugh paced 8:03 so very close to his goal. Whitney had baked some goodies and ate several of the apple cinnamon muffins and then ran home finishing 23 miles for the day.

Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 Running and Racing Year in Review

I compiled most of this report late November since I am obviously a statistics nut and enjoy seeing the numbers.

Goals accomplished for 2009 - (I was pretty wimpy since I only had 1 goal for 2009 and consider it accomplished):

1. Continue to enjoy running and racing.

I was too busy with showing the house and moving for me to be too specific with running goals so I made it easy with a very simple goal. Some other accomplishments were I broke my half marathon PR only a week after 3 Days of Syllamo so consider that to be my big PR of the year since it was on the same course of my last PR. I ran 2 marathons (Heart of America & Lewis and Clark) which were only 6 days apart. Had a course PR just over 3 hours at HOA and sub-3 at Lewis & Clark. Ran the Q50 - 50K injured (bulging disc - did not know for sure at the time), set a 50K PR on a flat course, and second place overall. Continuing to overcome my bulging disc and run was difficult but I made it though and the worst seems to be over. I never felt burned out from doing races like I have some years so that is a plus too.

Total Miles:
2009 - 2675
2008 – 3014
2007 – 2572
2006 – 1937
2005 – 2090
2004 - ~1000

2009 - (5) Disney Marathon (BQ & Sub-3 hr), 3 Days of Syllamo (Trail), Boston Marathon (BQ & Sub-3 hr), Heart of America Marathon (BQ & Course PR), Louis & Clark Marathon (BQ & Sub-3 hr)
2008 - (4) Boston Marathon (BQ & PR), Laughing Out Loud Marathon, Heart of America Marathon (BQ), Twin Cities Marathon (BQ)
2007 - (5) Laughing Out Load, Berryman (First Trail Marathon - placed
4th), Heart of America (BQ), Baltimore Marathon (BQ), Bass Pro
2006 - (3) Flying Pig (BQ), Heart of America (BQ, Chicago (BQ)
2005 - (3) Mad City, Heart of America (BQ), Portland (BQ)
2004 - (1) Heart of America

2009 - (4) 3 Days of Syllamo 50 mi, Psycho Wyco 50K, Berryman 50 mi, Q50 Ultramarathon 50K (PR)
2008 – (4)3 Days of Syllamo 50K, 3 Days of Syllamo 50 mi, Berryman 50 mi, Rock Creek Trail 50K
2007 - (1) Hocking Hills Indian Run 60K

Number of each type of races for 2009:
50 mi – 2
50K - 2
Marathon – 5
25K - 1
Half Marathon - 2
20K - 1
10 mi - 1
10K - 3
5 mi - 1
4 mi - 1
5K - 11

Total running miles run in 30 races: 389 miles (last year 28 races – 385 mi)

States I ran marathons and ultras in 2009 (6): AR, FL, KS, LA, MA, MO
All states I have run marathons and ultras (12): AR, FL, IL, LA, KS, MA,MD, MN, MO, OH, OR, WI

2009 PRs in 5K, 25K, half marathon, and 50K
2008 PRs in 5K, 5 mi, 10K, 10 mi, marathon, 50K, 50 mi
2007 PRs in 5K, 4 mi, 8K, 5 mi, 10K, 10 mi
2006 PRs in 20K, half Marathon, and marathon

Goals for 2010:
1. Enjoy running
2. Run 100 mile race
3. Run fewer road marathons and more trail races since I find them more enjoyable.
4. More cross training

Marathons and ultras planned for 2010:
January - No plans
February - Pyscho Wyco 50K
March - No plans
April - Free State 100K Trail
May - Berryman Trail Marathon
June - Kettle Moraine 100 Mile Trail
July - No plans
August - No plans
September - Heart of America Marathon
October – Rock Creek Trail 50K, Rock Bridge Revenge 25K
November - No plans
December - No plans

2009 First Night 5K

Temperature was a bit cold for a race at 27 F and falling when we arrived. I had time to run a 2 mile warm-up. Hugh ran part of it with me. The warm-up felt okay. I had no goal for this race other than to see what I could do.

I was at my car removing some clothing and saw people moving. At first I thought the race had started but still had 7 minutes. People were just moving up to the new start line since the course changed slightly this year. I found myself in front and then thinking what I am doing in the front. We had to run a few feet and then turn right. We were off and I started fast to get out of way.

Looked at the pace and slowed it down since I was 5:30-something and then had to think what pace was reasonable so slowed down to just under 6. I passed quite a few people on one of the hills that must have started too fast. I had 6:0 for my first mile on the GPS which came 13 seconds before someone called out my mile split so it was off a bit. My thought is I probably can't keep this up since I am not prepared. However, I was still feeling pretty good so kept pushing.

At the turn around in the Hearnes parking lot I see Jackie and decide to catch her. We ran the rest of the way mostly together but we didn't say anything since we were both working hard. We ran near each other in this race last year as well. The second split was 6:11 so didn't slow down too much. I used the down hills to try to recover and pick up the pace and ran the uphills pretty well. I could tell that I am not in shape to run this pace though. I was ready for the last mile to be over. The last mile I ran in 6:23 so slowed a bit. Course was just a bit long at 3.17. My total time was 19:38. Jackie had 18:55 at the 3.1 and said I was just a bit ahead of her.

I was probably in the top 20 or so but no results yet. Awards were for overall male and female. Ended the year with 2675 miles. Picked up a case of the low-cal MVP2 Gatorade that Schnucks gave away since it was nearing the expiration date.