Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Training 6/19 - 6/25

Mon-Boatman Hill Road, 6 mi, 52:17, 8:43, mi; I had scheduled a bike ride, but had to change it to a run since I got started late in the day.

Tues- Dreier Dirty Dozen, 9.1 mi, 1:09:57, 7:41/mi; This course is kind of hilly and I felt pretty good.

Reactor Park 5K (not a race), 25:39, 8:16/mi; 3 runners showed up this week.


Thurs-MKT, 0.5 mi intervals ladder, warmup and 0.5 mi recoveries, ladders, 3:23, 3:15, 3:01, 2:59, 2:56; 6 mi total, 45:38, 7:36/mi

Fri-missed the bike ride and weight workout again

Saturday-MKT, 12 mi, 1:33:20, 7:47/mi; this was a scheduled 10 mile run, but decided to extend to 12 miles since I was feeling good. I ran the last mile in about 6:40.

Sun-weights, upper #2, 38 min (finally a weight workout)

Boatman Hill Rd (hills), 8 mi, 1:09:13, 8:39/mi

Running: 44.2 mi (10 miles more than I planned)

Cycling: 0 mi

Weight-lifting: 38 min

YTD Running: 932.8 mi

YTD Cycling: 288.5 mi

I’m finding it challenging to get all the workouts (running, bike, and weights) done. I’m not going to worry about it for now, but will keep trying. Running will be my first priority. I’m finding that with the extra stress at work right now, I am needing more rest. If it wasn’t for running, I’m sure I would have had a major meltdown by now. So far, I am keeping it together.

I'm thinking my 3 day per week weight workouts might be too much anyway. I may need to just cycle the 3 types of workouts and do 2 one week and 2 the next. Or maybe even just one each week for now.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Training 6/12 - 6/18

Mon-Boatman Hill Road, Cycling, 22 miles, 1:19:33, 3:37, mi; This was the best time I've had on this training course! I implemented a few new techniques that seemed to work. I still need to get those aerobars installed that I've had for over a month and get some practice using them.

Tues- Dave's Devil Run, 6.6 mi, 47:25, 7:11/mi

weights, lower body, 36 min

Reactor Park 5K (not a race), 26:34, 8:36/mi; only 2 of us so we didn't race


Thurs-Rain Run, 7.1 mi, 52:53, 7:27/mi

Fri-missed the bike ride and weight workout

Saturday-Wal-Green Run, 7 mi, 59:50, 8:33/mi; too much cake and pizza Friday night

Sun- Boatman Hill Rd (hills), 8 mi, 1:06:27, 8:18/mi
skipped weights - no time

Running: 31.8 mi

Cycling: 22 mi

Weight-lifting: 36 min

YTD Running: 888.6 mi

YTD Cycling: 288.5 m

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Training 6/5 - 6/11

Mon-Rest and I planned my workouts for the next several months. Monday will normally be a cycling day. I also figured out that I can do my PT exercises and stretches between sets of weight lifting and not take too much extra time. I’m also planning to do 3 weight workouts per week with one day focused on lower body work.

Tues- Diva’s Mystery Run, 7.5 mi, 55:57, 7:28/mi

weights, lower body, 40 min


Thurs-MKT, 5 half mile intervals, 7.6 mi, 57:40, 7:29/mi

Fri-weights, upper#2, 38 min

Finger Lakes, mountain bike, 12 miles; I probably won’t be doing this course again due to the ticks. I got started late so figured this would be the best route.

Saturday-MKT, 10 mi, 1:15:40, 7:34/mi; My longest run in 4 weeks and it felt good.

Sun- weights, upper#1, 42 min

Boatman Hill Rd (hills), 6 mi, 48:17, 8:03/mi

Running: 31.7 mi

Cycling: 12 mi

Weight-lifting: 120 min

YTD Running: 856.8 mi

YTD Cycling: 266.5 mi

Monday, June 05, 2006

Training 5/29 - 6/4

Mon-PT Exercises

Tues- MKT, 2.4 mi, 23:34, 9:49/mi, PT Exercises
Cycling, 22 miles, 1:23:13, 3:47/mi


Thurs-MKT, 6.2 mi, 47:27, 7:39/mi

Fri-Weights/PT EX, 45 min
Cycling, 15.3 mi, 1:07:30, 4:25/mi

Saturday-Column’s, 8.5 mi, 1:18:08, 9:12/mi
PT Exercises, 18 min

Sun-Jeff Shikles 8K (4.97 mi), DNF (missed a turn); I think I stopped at 5 miles, and time was 31:44 which is pretty good pace at 6:21/mi. Hugh placed second in his age group at 38:02, a PR for this course. I would have placed 3rd in AG if I hadn’t missed the turn which a few others missed as well. There was no person standing on the last corner. There was a sign, but I did not see it. Is it the racer’s responsibility to know the course or should there be a person at each intersection? I don’t want to think too hard when I am running a race so I think there should be a person.

I think my tibia is better, but still not 100%. I'm going to make a plan to get my milage back up, speed work, weight-lifting/new PT exercises, and some biking. I'll see what happens. I'm not mentioning the tibia problem on this blog again (at least for awhile). If my running improves, everyone will know I'm better.

Weekly running miles: 19.7

YTD: 825.6