Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/19 - 11/25

Monday, November 19

No workouts.

Tuesday, November 20

RUNNING (Tripp 10K at 05:30 am). 6.10 miles. Time: 44:12 (7:14/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 157 Shoes: Brooks Beast (16.1 miles)
WEIGHT LIFTING at 08:00 am. Time: 1:00:00
Upper Bulk 1.
NOTES: Weights, upper bulk #1 (chest, shoulders, triceps), PT, & Wobble

Wednesday, November 21

No workouts.

Thursday, November 22

RUNNING (MKT at 07:00 am). 4.50 miles. Time: 39:42 (8:49/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 157 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (53.9 miles)
NOTES: Ran easy and ate a cinnamon roll and apple juice before heading to the Pie Run.
RUNNING (Thanksgiving Day Pie Run at 09:00 am). 10 km. Time: 39:57 (6:25/mile).
Weight: 157 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (60.1 miles)
NOTES: We got up and went to run 4.5 miles with the Tu/Th group which met at 7 am instead of 5:30. At about 8 am we took off for the drive to Jefferson City. Got out of the car and felt colder there due to the wind.

This year we used the new certified course which is still just as flat as the old course. 5 and 10K started at the same point. I started out fast sub-6 min on GPS behind Bill & Matt. Legs immediately did not feel good and probably from starting out too fast. Decided I better slow down to no faster than 6:15, but legs still didn't feel very fresh. I settled in behind another runner, Dana, and my first 3 mi were at just under 19 min. I had a guy fly by me and sped up a little and passed Dana. Miles 4 - 5 were into the wind and I was wishing I had run the 5K. I was slowing down and Dana passed me but I sped up a little. Once I hit 6 miles, I noticed I had a chance at finishing under 40 minutes, I gave all I had and finished 39:57 which is a new 10K PR for me. Surprising result considering I didn't feel great and glad for this race to be over.

Splits were: M1-6:16, M2-6:22, M3-6:22, M4-6:18, M5-6:36, M6-6:25, M6.2-1:37.

Hugh finished 22:01 in the 5K and 2nd in the 50 - 59 age group. The 30-39 10K was quite competitive and I finished 5th in my age group.

Friday, November 23

RUNNING (Doe Brook/Oakland w/dogs at 11:15 am). 4 miles. Time: 34:57 (8:44/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 159 Shoes: Brooks Beast (20.1 miles)

Saturday, November 24

RUNNING (LRL-18 is enough at 06:30 am). 18 miles. Time: 2:30:36 (8:22/mile).
Training run.
Weight: 159 Shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy2 (78.1 miles)
NOTES: Run felt good and didn't seem like I had run 18 miles. We started out slower and gradually the pace got faster.
WEIGHT LIFTING at 06:45 am. Time: 44:00
Upper Bulk 2.
NOTES: Weights, upper bulk #2 (Back/Biceps/Abs), PT, & Wobble

Sunday, November 25

RUNNING (Rock Bridge State Park - Devil's Ice Box and Gans Creek ). 12 miles. Time: 2:14:39 (11:13/mile).
Training run.
Shoes: Adidas SuperNova (trail) (12.0 miles)
NOTES: Nice slow trail run.
Running: 50.8 miles
Time: 7h 24m 03s
Avg. Pace: 8:44/mile
Weight Lifting:
Time: 1h 44m 00s
Running: 157.0 miles
Weight Lifting:
Time: 5h 5m 00s
Running: 2328.7 miles
Weight Lifting:
Time: 52h 43m 00s


Kurt said...

Since your confused to which state you really live in we can forgive you for the less than sub 6 min mile pace this time!

Great job as always on the training and the race.

Matt D. said...

Congrats on the PR!