Monday, January 01, 2007

Training 12/25 - 12/31

Mon- Rest

Tues- Dave’s Dirty Devil Run, 6.66 mi, 0:51:38, 0:07:45/mi

Evening: Upper body weights, 43 min

Wed- Rest

Thurs- MKT Bridge, 7.8 mi, 1:01:24, 0:07:52/mi

Fri- HOA course (hills), 18 mi, 2:20:12, 7:47/mi

Sat- Column’s, 10 mi, 1:28:12 0:08:49/mi

Sun- First Night 5K, 3.1 mi, 0:20:43 (M1-6:36/mi, M2-7:08/mi, M3.1-7:00), 06:41/mi

My legs were pretty much done before I started this race. I gave it my best effort.

Running: 45.6 mi

Cycling: 0

Weight-lifting: 43 min

YTD Running: 1937.0 mi

YTD Cycling: 575.6 mi

Running: 153 miles less than last year.

26 events included running for 200.8 mi

3 events included biking 53.8 mi

Janurary 6th-Runner’s Choice 10K/20K
February 3rd-Nut Race 5K
March 17th-St. Patrick’s Day 5K
April 1st-Hogeye Marathon


SRR said...

A marathon on April Fools Day? Is that a joke baby doll?? Supposed to be funny?

Kurt said...

Good time on the 5K when you were tired. You will be pushing 3 hrs again on the marathon.