Sunday, April 30, 2006

Training April 24 - 30/Jay Dix Race


Tues- President's Hill Run, 7.5 mi, 58:18, 7:46/mi


Thurs-MKT, 7.2 mi, 57:51, 8:02/mi; Slow warm-up and then about mile 5 ran ½ mile interval at marathon pace.


Saturday, Hugh and I ran Jay Dix Challenge for a Cure 5K. We had the option of running a 10K as well. Since, I am running a marathon next week, I opted to run the 5K and Hugh prefers running the 5K for this race.

It rained Friday night and was also raining Saturday morning as well. The race started at 9 am and we arrived at 8 am to pick up our chips and run the course as a warmup. It was lightly raining, but by the time we finished our warmup the rain had stopped. Late registrations delayed the start until 9:10 am. We were told by the announcer if we weren’t running a 5:30 pace, then we shouldn’t be on the front row. We ignored his advice since from past experience, we knew that no one would likley be running a 5:30 pace for this race.

I took off at a fast start and was in 3rd place for the first mile. The other Andy in my age group was in the lead and I stayed back since I knew I should finish behind him. I found out later the guy that passed him was running the 10K. I didn’t see the 1st mile marker, but I think my split was about 6:11. The second mile I was passed by 3 people, but didn’t notice whether they were running the 5 or 10K. Second mile split was 6:03. The 3rd mile I maintained my position and split was 6:27. I did not push myself the last mile. The last 0.1 split was 40 sec, for a time of 19:19. This was a course PR for me since they changed the course in 2004. My previous PR on this course was 19:44 in 2004. I think this was a great time considering my effort. I wore my HR monitor and average HR was only 158 which is pretty low for me. I ran another 3.1 miles as a cool down.

After the cool down, we had the post race buffet which included hamburgers, cole slaw, potato salad, and chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies. Then we waited until all the results were posted and attended long award ceremony at about 11:30.

Official results are not posted yet on the Challenge to Cure website, but there were 223 runners for the 5K and I would guess less than 100 for the 10K. I placed 4th overall and since the guy that placed 1st overall at 18:20 was in my age group, I received the award for 1st in my age group. Hugh was also first in his age group and 13th overall.

Andy, Peggy, Hugh, Lisa, and Allan, Mid-Missouri Road Runners wearing their new hardware.

Sat-3.1 mi warmup, 29:05; 3.1 mi race 19:18, 3.1 mi cool down, 29:06

Sun-MKT, 8 mi, 1:02:44; Ran 1st 4 mi in 32:00 and last 4 mi in 30:44. Mile 7 split 7:24 and mile 8 split 7:19, overall pace 7:50, Avg HR-140

Running Miles: 32

YTD: 692.1

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