Sunday, January 25, 2009

Strange occurrence after running - Raynaud's Syndrome?

This afternoon I met Dan for a trail run at Rock Bridge. We ran 9 miles together and I ran 9 alone. I really felt like I was running smoothly today and had good energy. I dressed as warm as yesterday wearing 2 layers of pants, 2 shirts, jacket, warm hat, and gloves. I did wear the lighter gloves and hands felt plenty warm even though it was 19F.

Driving home, I noticed the tip of my index finger and middle finger on the left hand were feeling a little tingly and numb. I thought this was strange since my hands felt warm during the run. I just assumed maybe a pinched nerve or maybe I was grasping the steering wheel too tightly. I stopped for gas and still noticed the fingers felt tingly. I am thinking maybe they got cold and I didn't realize it. I wasn't worried since I figured I'm in the warm car and they will be fine.

I get into the house and then notice the index and middle finger are turning completely white. At this point I am really freaked out and don't know what is going on. I pace around the kitchen moving my arm around. I think my fingers are going to die and fall off. Then I run some warm water over them. This goes on for several minutes and then they begin to get some reddish color back like the rest of my fingers. None of this was painful. I am confused since I remember if my hands get really cold and I rewarm them it kind of hurts. After the color returned though they still felt really cold but looked and felt about normal as the feeling gradually returned.

I search Google for frost bite and it didn't seem to fit the symptoms so I searched for running fingers numb white. I find this has happened to others so I start to feel a little better. It really sounds like Raynaud's Syndrome to me. I had not heard of this before, but I think that is what happened. At least I know what to expect if it happens again and maybe can do some things to prevent. Also, I now know what to do during an attack and without knowing I did some things right when it happened.

Here are a couple of the web pages I found that pretty much described what happened:

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Symptoms and Prevention
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