Monday, March 20, 2006

Training March 13 - 19


Tues-President's Hill Run, 7.5 mi, 57:26, 7:39/mi

My Tues/Thur workouts now include 1 - 2 mile of warm-ups so my overall pace is a little slower. My legs felt a little sore overall, but no ankle pain. I think I was still recovering from the 5K.weights, 41 min, stretched


Thur-Grindstone Park, 7.5 mi, 7:45/mi

Less than 6 hours sleep on Wed night so I skipped the weights. I'm going to try to get more sleep. I noticed that I was still sore fromTuesday's weight workout as well and running pace was off. I went to bed early and slept 9.5 hrs.


Sat-MKT, 10 mi, 1:21:01, 8:06/mi

Sun-MKT, 14 mi (steady pace), 1:42:43, 7:20/mi

This was a really good run, pace was steady, and legs felt good after.Soaked in hot tub and then 2 hrs after finishing run, biked 15 miles, 1:00:13. I used my new shoes, cleats/pedals (Speedplay Zeroes) for the first time. I think I need to make some adjustments to my seat but everything went well and I didn't get stuck in the clips and crash. The brand that I bought was supposed to be easy to use and I was not disappointed.

St. Patrick Day 5K results are up at 2006 St Patrick's Day 5K Results . I placed 8th overall.

Weekly Running Miles: 39

Biking Miles:15 (we will see if I can increase this a lot in the next few weeks)

YTD Running Mileage: 451.8


Hugh said...

You forgot to mention the coyotes on the trail Saturday!

Hugh said...

You forgot to mention the coyotes on the trail Saturday!

Hugh said...

The front page says there are zero comments, and here I am leaving a third one. Software issues, I guess.

Kurt said...

Now you have a 4th comment. Good week Andy, you should do very well in the next races you have.

TriZilla said...

Oh hey.... Look at you! Thanks for the comment! :) Coyotes on the trail, huh? Zoiks!