Sunday, July 04, 2010

2010 Parley Pratt 4 miler - Columbia & 2010 Fire Cracker Mile - Jefferson City

Parley Pratt 4 miler

Saturday morning, instead of the usual long run with the Lunatics, I ran the Parley Pratt, an out and back race on the MKT. This year we had to go east on the trail since the bridge isn't quite finished going west. I ran a 2 mile warm up with Hugh, Sam, Phil, and Andy. Race started about 8 am after the pre-race ceremony. I started off too fast I think. It felt fast and according to my GPS reading, a 5:30-something pace. I started out behind Matt and he was in 2nd place. I felt good and passed Matt. About mile 0.7 Andy S. and Matt pass me so I guess I should have stayed behind. I wanted to maintain close to a 6 min pace. My goal was to try to run about 6:03. First mile was 5:50.

The temp was around 70F so not too bad, but still a bit humid. First mile I wasn't breathing hard at all, but after that I had to work to keep the pace. At the turn around I had just slightly over 2 miles on the GPS so course was pretty close. 2nd mile I had slowed to 6:13. I had a comfortable lead on Phil in 5th place and Andy S. and Matt had a comfortable lead on me. The just over 6 min pace felt pretty good so that is what I continued to maintain and 3rd mile was also 6:13. With 1 mile to go, I tried to pick up a little. I could see the guy that was in the lead at the beginning was ahead of me, but too far to catch. Ran mile 4 in 6:00 and the last .03 extra in 10 seconds. 4th place overall. Even with the slightly long course, I had a 2 sec PR over the same race in 2007. Overall pace was 6:05 avg. The course in the past the other direction has always been just a bit short. I felt really good about my time with the longer course. I had felt tired all week so took running easy on Tu & Th and then skipped my Th weight workout. This was enough to recover a bit and run a decent race for me.

This year there was an assortment of breakfast food, but I really didn't feel like eating anything so had some kind of breakfast bar someone had made and no idea what it was. I think I was supposed to pour syrup on it since it didn't taste sweet at all. They soon announced the awards. Andy S. won overall (23:37 I think) as well as my age group and Matt was second. Andy had already left so we took his award, a painted watermelon and dropped off at his house on the way home. Then went home and ran a 10+ mile course with Hugh.

Fire Cracker Mile

Today, Hugh and I drove to Jefferson City to run the Fire Cracker Mile. We were up a bit late watching John blow up his back yard and eating way too much sugar so I didn't feel so good at first. We arrived about 15 min early and ran a warm up mile mostly in the parking lot and I felt better after. We all walked over the start which was on a downhill. The timing clock was in the back of a truck and they started us off with an air horn. I was lined in the front but near the center of the road.

We were off at a crazy fast pace flying down the hill at at low 4 min pace. At the bottom of the hill, turned left and the course flattened out, but still supposed to be slightly down although looked flat to me. After we turned I passed a few people and at quarter mile still running a sub-5 pace. Second quarter mile around a 5-5:10 pace. 3rd quarter about a 5:10 pace, and 4th quarter is where I slowed to about 5:28 pace. I was passed by one guy before the end. Running a fast mile is hard! Felt out of breath and took a few minutes to feel good again.

Overall time was 5:06 and I measured 1.02 on the GPS. This is the first mile race I have run since high school where I ran a 5:10 around a track in 1987. Even though this was down hill never expected to run this fast today. I definitely think if I hadn't raced yesterday, ate better, and slept, I could have gone under 5. Overall, placed 5th. Hugh ran a 6:17 and placed 13. I think there at least 40 finishers. There was Oreos, peanut butter Oreos, and water melon after. I highly recommend this miler. It was an accurate course and best of all, it was free to run!

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