Saturday, June 12, 2010

2010 Trekking for Kids

Biked to the race for my warm up and Hugh drove and was going to run home and I planned to drive home. I had signed up for the 5K but got to thinking on the way there the 10K might be better since I wouldn't have to run as hard and wasn't sure I could even run a 5K pace today. I asked the race director and she said it was fine to switch since she wasn't keeping track until people came through the finish. We started off on time and legs felt heavy as well cardiovascular felt sluggish. Andy, Jerry, and Nancy were ahead of me. I stayed just behind Nancy (running the 5K) for the first loop. Andy & Jerry also ran the 10K. The humidity was stifling and it sprinkled a bit. The course turns a lot and at the sign for 1 mile, I had 0.8 on my GPS, 2 mi was about right and then 3 miles was off. The loop turned out to be about 2.6 since part of the course had been accidentally cut off when it was marked.

Finished the first loop and decided it was good I was doing 2 loops since that would have been a short run otherwise. During the second loop I could see Andy ahead of me just well enough to know when the turns were coming up. There were signs for awhile and then just road markings later. Jerry finished the 2 loop first, Andy S. second, and I was third. Hugh ran the 1 loop and was 4th overall. Ryan & Katie were first and second in the 1 loop. For my placing I got a 3 month membership to Anytime Fitness and a t-shirt.

I ran this race last year and it was only a 5K and really enjoyed the event. Fun event again this year too. I was looking for a fun excuse to run today but was surprised seeing my splits weren't as bad as I thought and 6:29 pace overall which I had run a full 10K would be just over 40 min. I think the horrible humidity just made it feel 10 times worse than usual. I've never run a 5.27 mi race before so I guess technically this is a PR! Never thought last week I would be running a race the week after Kettle Moraine 100 miler.

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