Sunday, July 29, 2007

Training 7/23 - 7/29/Show-Me Games 5K

Mon- Rest

Tues- Diva Run, 8.1 mi, 1:04:08, 7:55/mi

Evening: Weights, upper bulk #1 (chest, shoulders, triceps), 57 min

Wed- 4.1mi, 26:12, 6:23/mi
Track workout, 1 mi warmup, 8:13, 4-100s, 1- 1200, 4:29; 5-400s, 1:20, 1:26, 1:22, 1:22, 1:18; 1200 m cool down, 5:41
1200 was supposed to be 5K pace and 400s at about mile pace.

Thurs- Trail, spur, Providence, trail, 7.5 mi, 0:53:58, 7:12/mi
Started slow and gradually picked up the pace.

Evening: Weights, upper bulk #2 (Back/Biceps/Abs), PT, & Wobble, 55 min

Fri- Rest (other than helped unload a moving truck in the sweltering heat)

Sat-Long Run Lunatics, Phil’s 14 mi, 2:02:27, 8:45/mi
Nice course and good hills, but humidity really wiped me out for this run.

Sun- Show-Me State Games 5K
We arrived with barely enough time to run the course, but decided to only run 2 miles so I would have time to use the bathroom. I knew it was going to be another soaker since I was dripping in sweat after my 16:10, 2 mi warm-up. I didn’t feel great during the warm-up but a little better by the time I finished.

Race started on a slight downhill so I lined up behind Tom and Munashe, both faster runners. I decided to see if I could stay with Tom again this week, but he took off faster than I needed to be running. My GPS was showing a weak signal so didn’t have a pace. I decided to stay behind Bill and keep him in site. At this point early in the race, I was in 5th place.

I’m not sure of my first mile split, but think it was around 6 min. I don’t think the markers were correct. My GPS started working again which helped with the pace, but I think it was off for the distance. Not really much to report for this race. I just kept up the pace and looked behind a couple times in the last mile to see Phil.

Once I hit about 2.5 I tried to pick up the pace and then we finished on a paved “track” in the Stadium. Finished in 19:19. Four people with Garmins clocked the distance at 3.2 and one had 3.3 so I suspect the course was a little long based on our times. Although, Hugh finished in 22:19, only 4 seconds slower than last week so he actually ran a faster pace than last week if it was 3.2 miles. This course also was hillier than the one we ran last week. I placed 5th overall and 2nd in my age group (35-39). Hugh placed first in his age group (45-49).

Post-Race: MKT, 12 mi, 1:24:42, 7:03/mi
After the race, we went to the MKT to run more miles. Hugh ran 10 while I ran 12. I was hoping to go under 7 min/mi. This is my fastest 12 mile training run. I’m happy with the time considering the heat.

Running: 50.9 mi

Weights: 112 min

YTD Running: 1597.7

August 4th-Great Sandbagger 10K
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon
September 22nd-Hocking Hills Indian Run – 60K
October 13th-Baltimore Marathon

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Kurt said...

Damn, you just faster and faster and I am running like a sloth.

I will have to come down and do a race against Hugh, same age group and see how I do.