Sunday, July 08, 2007

Training 7/2 - 7/8

Mon- Rest

Tues- Tripp 10K, 6.2 mi, 50:10, 8:05/mi
Took it easy to taper for Wed.

Wed- Parley Pratt, 4 mi, 24:29, 6:07/mi

Thurs- MKT, 8.6 mi, 1:09:00, 8:01/mi
Legs a little tired so took it easy.

Fri- Doe Brook with Dogs, 4 mi, 36:32, 9:08/mi

Sat- Joker’s Wild Half Marathon (2:00 pacer), 13.2 mi, 1:58:34, 9:03/mi
We got up at 3:15 am to drive to St. Louis. Went to bed at 7:30 so felt pretty rested. We picked up another runner that needed a ride on the way. We had to park a few miles from the race site and arrived at 5:45 am in time for the first shuttle. We checked in and were informed we would be wearing purple hair instead of hats. Tried on the hair and there was no way we were going to be able to see with it in the eyes so we gave each other a hair cut. The shirt was a really nice wicking Brooks tank. We also received a deck of cards used at the nearby casino.

Hugh introduced us to the runners in the 2 hour area. We did know a few of them. The race then started at 7:10 am. The course was on a running/biking trail that was mostly paved and some gravel. The course was congested at first, but ran the first mile in 8:53. I used my GPS to gauge our pace. Every mile, we kept getting comments about being right on pace. I tried to stay on pace but still have a slight cushion. The course was 2 loops with one uphill. Part of one loop was an out and back so we got to see the other runners. I slowed down or walked through the water stations to give people a chance to catch up.

We seemed to have a pretty good sized group running with us most of the way. At about 9 miles I notice it thinned out a bit with many runners going ahead and a few falling behind. At 10 miles, I noticed the ones with me breathing hard and not much talking going on at this point. Hugh hung back a bit but was still on pace. At the downhill before the end he caught up to me and we finished together in 1:58:34. I had 3 or 4 runners mention they had run a PR and thanked me. Amazing that anyone could run a PR considering the heat. It was at least 85 F by the time we finished and we were running in the full sun much of the time.

We ate some post race food and later they brought out some subs. We stayed for the awards ceremony. They went up to 5 deep in the age categories. We left about 10:45 am. Even though it was hot and not really the most ideal course, I think it was a well-organized event. As for pacing, it took a lot of concentration for me to hold myself to a consistent 9 minute pace.

Sun- HOA Course (road) and Rockbridge State Park (trail), 22.3 mi, 3:14:14
16 mi road, 2:10:16. 8:09/mi
6.3 mi trail, 1:02:58, 10:00/mi
Started at 6:00 am and with temps at 70 F. I actually started near the 19 mile marker and completed the loop from the 4 mi to the 18 mile and then went into the park to run 6.3 miles. First mile was up hill and ran at 9:13 pace. The next mile ran at 8:01 and had several sub-8 min miles. The Easley Hill mile I ran in 8:41 and the following mile in 7:52. As the sun came out it started to heat up. I carried enough water to drink every 4 miles until I ran out at mile 16.

At this point, I got on the grassy part of the park and shoes were immediately wet. The trail was in really good shape this week and felt strong. I think my GPS may have been off in the trees of the park, but I estimated that I ran at least 6.3 miles. I felt really good after finishing.

Running: 58.2

Weight-lifting: took the week off

YTD Running: 1430.2

July 21st-Smokin’ Chicks BBQ 5K
July 29th-Show-Me State Games 5K
August 4th-Great Sandbagger 10K
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon
September 22nd-Hocking Hills Indian Run – 60K

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Kurt said...

One day I will pace a race and wondering how I will do with making sure I don't rabbit it especially in the beginning.