Sunday, May 06, 2007

Training April 30 - May 9

Mon- Rest

Tues- Mike Acock's Run, 8.0 mi, 59:41, 7:28/mi
A new course with hills at the beginning.

Wed- Rest

Thurs- Rain Run Course, 7.1 mi, 57:57, 8:10/mi
Ran the middle part of the course faster than beginning and end.

Evening: Weights, upper body, 50 min

Fri- Rest

Sat- Columbia Half Marathon Challenge Course, 13.1 mi, 9:18/mi
Ran mostly with Lisa and James followed with water on his bike. Wore my GPS so we could check the distance which turned out to be accurate.

Sun- Rock Bridge State Park – Gans Creek Area, 18.2 mi, 3:15:19, 10:44/mi
The plan was to run 16 miles today. I was going to run until 8 am and then get back to the parking lot and run with anyone else that showed up. I decided to try a different trail and ended up feeling lost. About 10 minutes before I needed to be back to the parking lot, I found the main trail I started on and made it back by 8:05 with 7.3 miles. There were 3 others just getting ready to go out. Two of them, Jeff and Dina are running the Berryman, and Lee is trying to get in. Dina and Lee had just run a 40 mile ultra last weekend so was amazed they were out there with us. Jeff led the way and I became more familiar with the Gans Creek area. There’s an outer loop that connects to all of the inner trails. So if you get lost, you’ll eventually end up on the outer loop which is what happened to me earlier. He took us on a 10.9 mile course and then we went back to our cars so they could get more water and I could leave.

The 18 miles didn’t feel easy so I definitely have some more tapering ahead of me and cut back to 35 miles this week.

Running: 46.4 mi

Weight-lifting: 50 min

YTD Running: 994.9

May 12th-Joe Marks 5 mile Human Race
May 19th-Berryman Trail Marathon
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon

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