Sunday, April 01, 2007

Training 3/26 - 4/1 and Granny 5K

Mon- Boatman Hill/Oakland, 6 mi, 52:37, 8:46/mi

Tues- Jaira's Jaunt, 7.2 mi, 52:58, 7:21/mi
Felt very strong.

Evening: upper body weights, 51 min

Wed- Rest

Thurs- Rock Quarry - Mulch Pile, 5 ~ 1/2 mi intervals, 7.9, 56:52, 7:12/mi

Fri- Boatman Hill/Oakland, 6 mi, 53:04, 8:51/mi

Sat- Rock Quarry Trail, 6 mi, 53:38, 8:56/mi
After finishing my run at 8:30, I headed over to the Granny 5K to benefit Granny’s House. I wasn’t feeling very energetic during or after my run so figured I wouldn’t run it too hard. The race started at 9 am and there were 58 people including walkers. I met Hugh there since I would need to leave before 10 am to attend a meeting.

The course was at Stephen’s Lake Park. It was 1 ½ times around the outer track and then to the finish on the inner track. It became apparent as we started that I was able to run fast and based on the rest of the competition should place pretty well. There was a young girl, 11 yrs old in the lead and I just figured she had started a little fast and another guy that I didn’t know. After passing both of them, I was surprised to see my first mile split at 6:11. I hit the second mile split on the second lap also in 6:11. On some of the turns I could see the other guy not far behind me, but no one else was in sight.

Before the 2.5, he passed me and seemed to pick up the pace. I decided to not try to stay with him. I didn’t feel like pushing it that much, but maybe I should have? My 3rd mile split was 6:24, and last 0.1 was 0:39 for a time of 19:25 which I thought wasn’t too bad considering no tapering and an intense week. I placed second overall 21 seconds behind the winner. The 11 year old girl was 3rd at 21:46. Complete results at Granny’s Run. I drank a water, ate a donut and banana and then shortly had to be on my way. The only awards were for 1st place male and female.

Sun- Rockbridge State Park, 20 mi, 3:23:41, 10:11/mi
I ran a little faster this week, but still kind of slow. It rained yesterday so there was more water and mud this week. I ran over in the Gans Creek area first for about 4 miles. It seems like a lot of jumping over trees on the trail in that area. I took a different route this time and went up what seemed like the steepest and longest hill that I’ve seen in this area. I’m still not totally familiar with this trail and somehow ended back at the start. I think there is a way to run longer. Then I went over to the Devil’s Ice box side and ran 2 loops. I’m feeling a lot more stable with no inserts in my shoe and didn’t have any problems twisting my ankle.

Running: 56.2 mi

Weight-lifting: 51 min

YTD Running: 730

April 7th-Cigs 4 Mile Run and Health Fair
April 14th-Jay Dix Challenge to a Cure 5K
April 21st-Show Me-State Games Stampede 5K
May 19th-Berryman Trail Marathon
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon

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