Wednesday, October 14, 2020

2020 Rock Bridge Revenge

Rock Bridge Revenge 50k race went smoothly. I felt like maybe I started just a bit fast but turned out okay. I ran behind Marianne for a couple miles and once we got to the gravel before the Gans loop, I could still see here but not after we went up the hill. I ran the first loop in ~2:18:30 and was hoping possibly going under 4:40 since 2nd loop is shorter without the beginning out and back to spread everyone out in the first loop. It warmed up about 20° during the second loop from when we started at 59 so not realistic for me to run more even splits.

I continued to feel good the second loop so pushed when I could but not much up the really steep hills where it makes sense to walk. I passed Marianne a little ways after I got up the hill on the Gans loop. I was slowing but figured sub 4:45 was still doable. I managed to keep all miles under 11 minutes. Felt a twinge like a cramp about 1 mile from end but nothing further. My overall time was about 4:42:47 (9:13/mi - GPS for 30.67 miles) and 3rd place overall. My fastest RBR 50k. Thankful to be outside and see so many friends before, during and after.

I did pretty good with nutrition and hydration consuming about 750 calories with 2 Sword and 5 various gels or Sports Beans. The Untapped maple syrup gels are amazing. The course was marked extremely well with plenty of volunteers and aid stations.

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