Sunday, July 27, 2008

2008 Show-Me State Games 5K

I woke up feeling sore, limping, and in no shape to run a race. Also, my weight was up this morning about 6 lbs due to what I ate and drank yesterday. I was hoping the warm-up would help and it did but not enough and I wasn't feeling very motivated to race. The race starts out down hill and a lot of people started off fast and I passed them before we went under the tunnel at Stadium. My GPS was acting screwy saying I was going a 3:12 pace at the beginnng. Someone yelled before the first mile that I better pick it up since a little girl was close behind me. I manually pressed the split at the first mile. It was way off since my GPS was off.

We had to turn onto Conley and run up 4th St instead of staying on 5th due to road construction, but it was the same distance. On Locust the course goes slightly up hill and I was gaining on the guy in front of me that was in the 50 - 54 group. By the time we turned onto Hitt I was right beind him and then passed him. Before the end of Hitt, I passed a guy in the 20 - 24 group. There was another in front of me but too far to catch. Before the 2 mi I also noticed the distance had not increased on my watch. I had accidentally shut it off when I hit the manual split. I could still see my instantaneous pace though. I figure I would finish in close to 20 min at this pace.

Near the end we run down a hill and make a sharp right into the Stadium where I almost over shot my turn. Then around the track which I kind of enjoy this type of finish. I see the clock is over 20 minutes and I finish in 20:35, but the course turned out to be 0.1 long just like last year.

My pace though was much slower than my usual 5K pace. This was not a good race for me. I really didn't start feeling good until I hit the track and it was almost over. Hugh finished in 22:30 which was a really good time and was 2nd in his age group adn 14th overall. I was also 2nd in my age group and 7th overall.

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