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6/9/08 - 6/15/08

I cut back the mileage slightly this week. By Friday, I was feeling pretty tired and slept in rather than doing my morning weight workout. I ended up not running that day either. I had gone 10 days without a day off so I think I needed a rest day.

This was another good week of running with no calf problems. Strength feels 100%. Saturday we had a successful Heart of America training run. Even one of the local papers took an interest in our Marathon Training Run.

Date: 6/9/2008 5:15 AM
Type: Weight Training
Course: Brad Wadlow's High Intensity Interval Training - Back/Biceps/Abs
Duration: 32:00
Weight: 155 lb
Misc: Quality: 9/10, Effort: 8/10
Notes: Reverse Grip Barbell Row-4-2 rep tempo 3 sets of 6 reps (150 - 6/6/6)
Dumbbell Row-3-2 rep tempo 2 sets of 12 reps (50 - 12/12)
Deadlifts-2-2 rep tempo 1 sets of 20 reps (126.25 - 20)
Standing Barbell Curls-4-2 rep tempo 3 sets of 6 reps (70 - 6/6/6)
Incline Dumbbell Curls-3-2 rep tempo 2 sets of 12 reps (35 - 12/12)
Stability Ball Crunch (25 lb - 50/50 alt/40)
PT Exercises/Stretches

Date: 6/9/2008 6:00 PM
Type: Easy
Course: Clay's Fork
Distance: 6 miles
Duration: 52:26
Pace: 8:45 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Rider
Weight: 155 lb
Misc: Quality: 7/10, Effort: 2/10
Weather: 70° F, Rain
Notes: Ran with Hugh and we had to sneak out of the house to run. I didn't think Rusty should run yet since he was lightly putting weight on the back leg which is a great improvement. We could hear Bruno barking all the way down the driveway as we were leaving. The roads were a big mess from the rain and it started raining again when we went out to run. It rained the entire run. I ran Hugh's pace and just had an easy run trying to focus on form.

Date: 6/10/2008 5:30 AM
Type: Easy
Course: Diva - A Route
Distance: 8.17 miles
Duration: 59:36
Pace: 7:18 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7 (White/Orange #2)
Weight: 155 lb
Misc: Quality: 8/10, Effort: 7/10
Weather: 64° F, Humid
Notes: Much cooler this morning which felt great, but humid. Ran with Dan the entire run. We were passed by quite a few people. Then when we make a wrong turn on the course which isn't unusual for this course. Even without other people around the pace picked up and somehow we kept it up until the end which was okay since at this point I was feeling better. I still didn't feel like I pushed it too hard though since we ran the last half harder than the first.

m1 - 8:39
m2 - 7:47
m3 - 7:22
m4 - 7:26
m5 - 6:50
m6 - 7:01
m7 - 6:58
m8 - 6:29
0.17 - 1:01

Date: 6/11/2008 5:05 AM
Type: Weight Training
Course: Brad Wadlow's High Intensity Training - Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Duration: 42:00
Weight: 155 lb
Misc: Quality: 9/10, Effort: 8/10
Notes: Decline Bench Press-3-2 rep tempo 2 sets of 12 reps (120 - 12/11)
Flat Barbell Bench Press-4-2 rep tempo 3 sets of 6 reps (110 - 6/6/6)
Incline Dumbbell Press-2-2 rep tempo 1 sets of 20 reps (50 - 18)
Barbell Overhead Press-4-2 rep tempo 3 sets of 6 reps (60 - 6/6/6)
Dumbbell Side Raises-3-2 rep tempo 2 sets of 12 reps (25 - 12/12)
Bent Over Dumbbell Side Raises-2-2 rep tempo 1 sets of 20 reps (52.5 - 20)
Pull-ups - 4 types (10/6/6/6)
Dips (12/9/9)
PT Exercises/Stretches

Date: 6/11/2008 5:10 AM
Type: Track Nite
Course: Track Nite
Distance: 6 miles
Duration: 43:32
Pace: 7:16 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7 (White/Orange #2)
Weight: 155 lb
Misc: Quality: 8/10, Effort: 8/10
Weather: 86° F, Sunny
Notes: Dan and I decided to run track night Hugh did his own run. Workout was pretty light compared to what we did on the trail last week. I managed to record the important splits, but didn't get everything. The GPS receiver kept bouncing out of my shorts tonight. Okay workout, but felt like I could have done more. Hopefully, I will feel like running tomorrow morning. We didn't run very many but ran them hard enough. I think I managed the 400s at about mile pace and the 1200 m was about 5K pace.

warm up - 2.75 mi - 22:30
4 - 100s
400 m - 1:13
400 m - 1:20
1200 m - 4:31
400 m - 1:22
400 m - 1:19
cool down

Date: 6/12/2008 5:30 AM
Type: Hill
Course: Don's 3 - Diner - A Route
Distance: 9 miles
Duration: 1:05:55
Pace: 7:20 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7 (White/Orange)
Weight: 155 lb
Misc: Quality: 7/10, Effort: 7/10
Weather: 77° F, Sunny
Notes: Scheduled run today was bridge and back with half mile intervals and Dan wanted to run the Diner route. Anything to not run on the trail was find with me. From our splits I think we ran this pretty well with the negative splits even though I was feeling tired. I think I just need some sleep since otherwise I am running well. A day off running might be good too. We added a little distance and when we got back to trail were at 8.7 mi so we went for 9 mi since we were so close. My GPS didn't work the first 1.3 miles so used Dan's splits.

m1 - 8:06
m2 - 7:38
m3 - 7:22
m4 - 7:21
m5 - 7:11
m6 - 7:18
m7 - 7:05
m8 - 7:05
m9 - 6:41

Date: 6/14/2008 6:06 AM
Type: Long
Course: Heart of America Course Training
Distance: 19 miles
Duration: 2:25:56
Pace: 7:41 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7 (Red/Blue)
Weight: 155 lb
Misc: Quality: 8/10, Effort: 7/10
Weather: 62° F, Humid
Notes: Ran down to the river bottom mostly with Dan, Destiny, and Allan. We stopped at our first water stop at 5.4 miles. Then we turned onto Dothage Rd due to flooding on the actual course. Destiny and I flew down the hill on Dothage and got a bit ahead of Allan and Dan. We had a bonus uphill on Dothage that was a bit challenging.

Destiny and I stopped for water before Easley Hill and waited for Dan and Allan. We waited a little longer than expected since they had ran back a bit to check on other runners. Then we all headed up the hill. I decided to run the hill which I am not sure was the smart thing to do, but wanted to get it over with. Allan had stopped again for water at the top so Dan, Destiny, and I continued together on the course. I felt good for most of this run and the other hills didn't seem too bad.

This is the fastest pace I have ever run a training run on this course so definitely helped to have others to run it with. This pace was only 5 seconds slower than my pace in 2004 when I ran the marathon for the first time. Amazing since it didn't seem that hard today.

m1 - 8:15...........m11 - 8:44 (Easley Hill)
m2 - 7:44...........m12 -7:51
m3 - 7:55...........m13 - 7:33
m4 - 7:40...........m14 - 7:23
m5 - 7:44...........m15 - 7:40
m6 - 8:03...........m16 - 7:23
m7 - 7:40...........m17 - 7:20
m8 - 7:15...........m18 - 7:30
m9 - 7:51...........m19 - 7:01
m10 - 7:19

Date: 6/14/2008 7:00 PM
Type: Easy
Course: Bear Creek Trail
Distance: 4 miles
Duration: 34:23
Pace: 8:36 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Rider
Weight: 155 lb
Misc: Quality: 9/10, Effort: 2/10
Weather: 86° F, Sunny
Notes: Ran with Dan, Copper, Tanner, and Bruno. Hugh took Rusty for a walk and over to the pond since Rusty's leg still isn't 100% so thought it best he didn't run. Dogs had a good run with Bruno pulling me to the left all the way. We let them get a drink out of the creek during the run and then joined Rusty and Hugh in the pond. Rusty seemed to never grow tired of fetching the frisbee out of the water. By the time we were done, we were nice and wet from the dogs using their tails to sprinkle us with water.

The fun was not over and all went to Jason's and had concretes and the dogs had doggy cups. Humans and dogs had a great time.

m1 - 8:20
m2 - 8:22
m3 - 8:51
m4 - 8:48

Date: 6/15/2008 7:25 AM
Type: Trail
Course: Rock Bridge Miscellaneous
Distance: 12 miles
Duration: 1:53:52
Pace: 9:30 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Ascend 2 (Yellow)
Weight: 155 lb
Misc: Quality: 6/10, Effort: 2/10
Weather: 70° F, Sunny
Notes: Due to Father's Day activities, I met Dan S. for a morning run rather than afternoon. I arrived about 7:17 am and Dan H. was there and didn't even realize we were meeting for a run. Dan S. arrived a few minutes later. We all ran together over on the Gans Creek side. The parts of the trail that weren't overgrown were nice. I really don't enjoy running in the parts where the grass is tall and I'm getting brushed by the vegetation. It all makes me itch and something we got into made my right leg burn for awhile. I'm not sure how but we ended up with about a 6.5 mi run. We ran the first part pretty slow, mostly 10+ min miles and mile 6 ran in 7:29. GPS didn't work from 6.5 mi - 7 mi.

Dan S. and I rounded off to 7 miles and then he had to leave. With the GPS working again, I continued on the Deer Run route and ran an additional 5 miles mostly at a 9-something pace. Enjoyed this side more since no vegetation but missed having someone to run with. It was a nice easy recovery run for me.

After finishing I got into the creek and washed off. I seemed to have mostly escaped the ticks and only found 2. I waited a few minutes and Jeff and Allan came in from their run they had started at 8 am.

Running: 64.2 - 8:35:40

Weights: 1 hr 17 min (2 workouts)

MTD Running: 148.4 mi

YTD Running: 1426.0 mi

July 4-Parley Pratt 4 mi Freedom Run
July 12-Smokin' Chicks 5K
August 2-Great Sandbagger 10K
September 1-Heart of America Marathon
October 5-Twin Cities Marathon

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