Sunday, February 25, 2007

Training 2/19 - 2/25

Mon- Feeling very tired so took an extra rest day.

Tues- Rain Route West Blvd – Reverse (not raining), 8.3 mi, 58:40, 7:04/mi
We altered the route a bit since the trail still had snow and ice. Some icy patches on the roads and my light went out. Stayed with Phil and had a good run.

Afternoon: Rock Bridge State Park, 7.1 mi, 1:31:13, 12:51/mi; Trail was icy and snow and in some places I had to walk. I was very cautious and didn’t fall down once although I almost lost my balance many times.

Wed- Rest

Thurs- Tripp 10K, 6.2 mi, 43:24, 7:00/mi
Trail portion was quite slippery in places. I didn’t really expect this to be a fast run, but once again, I stayed with Phil after he caught up to me for most of the run until he sped up during the last 1.5 mi. I’m sure I didn’t slow down since this was a fast time for this course.

Afternoon: Rock Bridge State Park, 6.7 mi, 1:17:15, 11:15/mi; Wore my Screw Shoes and was able to run over any ice patches although it wasn’t as bad as Tuesday. The shoes really gripped the ice quite well.

My very own screw shoes

Fri- Treadmill, 4.2 mi, 38:23, 9:08/mi

Sat- Column’s Run, 10 mi, 1:32:04, 9:12/mi
Temperature was about 39F but it was windy. Started to rain at about 3 miles. There were a lot of runners out running in this crappy weather. Even though I didn’t feel cold during the run, I couldn’t seem to get warmed up after the run.

Sun- MKT, 18.3 mi, 2:25:41, 7:55/mi
I was hoping for a faster pace, but had a few obstacles. There was ice on one portion of the trail, but doubt it slowed me down too much. The brisk wind and very soft trail probably slowed me down the most. It rained this weekend and the regular trail was flooded between the 7 and 7.5 mi so I had to take a detour on the upper trail next to the waste water treatment area. The wind was worse up there.

Afternoon: Upper body weights, 40 min

Running: 60.9 mi

Weight-lifting: 40 min

YTD Running: 456.9 mi

March 17th-St. Patrick’s Day 5K
March 24th-Sedalia Half Marathon
May 19th-Berryman Trail Marathon
September 3rd-Heart of America Marathon


Kurt said...

Your getting in some serious mileage week after week. how are the legs holding up? Any issues with injuries or such popping up?

Your on track for marathon time around 2:50ish from what I can calculate.

Unknown said...

reading what you do makes me tired! I only hope that one day I can run like you