Monday, July 10, 2006

Training 7/3 - 7/9


Tues- Tripp 10K (6.2 mi), 54:21, 8:46/mi; took it easy for the race

1 hour later: Parley P. Pratt Memorial Freedom Run, 4 mi, 25:39, 6:25/mi


Thurs-Capen Park/Mulch Pile, 7.5 mi, 57:11, 7:37/mi


Sat-MKT, 10 mi, 1:20:41, 8:04/mi; started out slower and picked up the pace; last mile in 6:50

helped friends move: 4 hrs

Sun-HOA Marathon Course (Miles 4 - 20), 16 mi, 2:05:29, 7:51/mi
Feeling just a little sore from the moving, but the run went very well. I felt strong the second half. This course has great hills, especially the second half. I like this course, but it can difficult in some places with no shoulder on the highway. I ran on the white line whenever a car approached me.

Running: 43.7 mi

Cycling: 0 mi

Weight-lifting: 0 (4 hrs moving instead)

YTD Running: 1016.2 mi

YTD Cycling: 288.5 mi

July 14th-Red, White, and Green Estate 5K Cross Country Run
July 22nd-Smokin’ Chicks BBQ 5K
July 30th-Show-Me State Games 5K


Kurt said...

That moving will do more for you than weight training! LOL PLus more likely to hurt you also.

Good training week!

SRR said...

Helped friends move for 4 hours! Where were you when I moved? Geesh! I need a friend like you!

Matt D. said...

Training on the HOA Marathon course sounds painful. I think the only time I'm willing to run up easley hill is once a year on race day!