Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Psycho Psummer 50K

I skipped this race last year since it was shortly after running Mohican 100 mile. I decided to sign up again this year and was my 4th time running the summer version. There is a spring version too but I've always preferred to run it when it is more likely to be hot and humid and hopefully drier. Drier was not the case this year. I did feel good going into this race, assumed it would be hot and assumed it would be muddy.

Hugh rode with me to Kansas City the morning of the race.   Two year ago, we had to go to a church and take a bus but this year they let the 50K and 20 milers park in the parking lot at the race. We arrived in plenty of time. Hugh took off for his run in the park on the roads and I waited for the race to start. The 50K course is 3 loops. I had a cooler ready with 2 extra bottles filled with Sword, ice, and a  Huma gel or 2 in the bottle pocket. Also, had 2 Powerade Zeros. I took the Succeed Prerace Packet which I have been doing for a few years.

The race started at 8 am.  My goal was to finish sub-6 hours like last year.  The temperature was about 75F and a bit humid.  The 20 milers started off at the same time with us and the 10 milers would start an hour later.  I started off pretty close to the front runners which disappeared.  The course was quite muddy but my legs were fresh and I maintained a 10-something to 12-something pace for the first 10 miles.  I had watermelon at aid stations and was drinking a lot. The first loop was 1 hr 53 min and 4th overall with 2 other runners coming in right behind me.

I drank a Powerade Zero, got a fresh bottle and was on my way, not wasting any time. The 2 guys behind me were ahead but I caught them pretty soon on the second loop where they were walking through where it was very muddy. The course was getting worse and most of it was muddy which made it difficult to run with heavy shoes. I still attempted to run so was able to go around them.

I was passed by 1 runner in loop 2 and finished in 2 hr 25 min and 5th overall. Splits were 11 - 15 min per mile. I was seriously ready to be done, but wasn't going to drop down distance. I would complete the last loop no matter how long it took. I didn't see Hugh until I started my 3rd loop where he was on the trail and warned him I would be awhile and ended up being more than awhile.

I didn't see any other 50Kers in the 3rd loop but did see 10 and 20 milers. The course was even worse and I was managing 15 - 17 min per mile. Still felt strong but just couldn't run very fast due to the muddy conditions. I ran the 3rd loop in 2 hr 48 min and finished 5th overall in 7 hr 7 min.

It took lots of concentration and overall my outlook was pretty good considering the conditions. Photographer took some great pictures too. Temperature ended up going up to 90-something but since I was moving so slow it was the least of my worries.

Overall:  5 of 19 (75 registered but many dropped down distance), 2nd of 9 in the 40 - 49.

Previous summer race results:
2013: 5:04
2012: 5:54
2011: 6:21

The course was different than 2013. Due to the mud, we stayed on bridle trails.

We made a stop at Trader Joes in KC and decided on Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  I was too wiped out to run the next day so took a rest day.

My Pictures (all the pictures were free to download!)


Course Map/Splits

Saturday, June 06, 2015

2015 Berryman 50 mile

Race Results

Race Website

My enthusiasm for writing ultra race reports must be waning since it has been 3 weeks since I ran this race. David and Steve rode down with me and we camped with other Columbia runners. I slept in the Element and was good other than the air mattress leaked a little.  It was 66F at the start this year and got up to 78F. Last year it was only 37F.  I have run this 50 miler 6 times and the marathon twice.

I had pre-race shake, Lean Body shake, and banana for breakfast and took my Succeed Pre-Race Pack.  The 50 miler started at 6:30 am and the marathon at 8 am.  I opted to not run with a shirt which turned out to be a great idea later when it started raining.  We were allowed a drop bag at the start and Brazil Creek at 16 miles and 41 miles.  Since I have so many water bottles I stored 1 at the start and 2 at Brazil Creek to save time later.  They were already filled with Sword and water.  Also, had Huma gels stashed in the bags and some PowerAde Zero for extra hydration.

I didn't plug my Garmin into the charger the day before since it was fully charged when I left home. It died 0.8 miles into the race which I just took as a sign that I didn't need it. My goal was to finish the first loop somewhere around 4:20 and hopefully under 9 hours overall. I did have a clock on my FitBit so could sort of keep track of how I was doing except I wasn't always sure of the distance at the aid stations and sometimes forgot to look at the signs.

It started raining in the first loop (25.7 miles) and it helped cool the temp down some. It would continue to rain until about an hour or so before I finished.  Nothing eventful happened in the first loop.  I finished it in 4:19 and in 7th place overall. I was worried maybe I shouldn't have run all the hills.

The second loop was tougher. I didn't see anyone most of the loop other than 3 marathoners that I passed. About 4 miles or so from the end I started to catch a runner ahead of me and eventual reeled him in as he really started to slow. I could tell I was slowing myself earlier but once I saw him, it motivated me to try to catch him since I wasn't sure if he was in my age group.  It turned out he was older. After I passed him I slipped on some mud and cut my hand a little.  The trails were getting messy in some places during the second loop.

At the aid stations, I would mostly have a little fruit (banana or orange), chips a couple times, and coke a couple times. Otherwise, I got all my nutrition from 4 bottles of Sword and 7 Huma gels. In between, I filled with plain water and had PowerAde Zero at the drop bags.

Ended up finishing in 9:04:21, 6th overall, and 1st place masters for the 4th consecutive year.  I had my doubts this year since I didn't feel as trained as I wanted to be.

2015 - 9:04:21 (6th)
2014 - 8:52:29 (6th)
2013 - 9:01:13 (3rd)
2012 - 9:39:44 (4th)
2011 - 3:56:46 (5th) (marathon/course changes)
2010 - paced Jeff the second half of his 50
2009 - 9:15:33 (12th)
2008 - 8:53:56 (6th)
2007 - 3:37:39 (4th)

Thursday, April 09, 2015

2015 Three Days of Syllamo

Day 1 - 50K:

This was my 5th time running the Syllamo 3 day stage race near Mountain View, Arkansas.  This year, I had a newbie, Steve T. join me.  We drove on Thursday to pick up our race packets and then went looking for a place to eat.  Choices were limited but we found a large Mexican restaurant in a warehouse type building and the food was pretty good.

The race on Friday started at 9 am.  Temperature was 48F and warmed up to about 60 and cloudy all day.  I wore a long sleeve shirt over a short sleeve and removed it at my drop bag later.

This year I used Sword ginger citrus as my nutrition/hydration drink plus a few gels, and a few aid station items like peanut butter crackers and salted nut rolls.  I discovered Sword last year since it was served at the Barkley Classic.  I used it for the first time there and felt good.  I kept hearing a lot of good things about Tailwind so I ordered some samples but was not entirely impressed since it left me feeling constantly hungry.  Sword goes down easy, I don't feel hungry and I like the flavor.  I also had a PowerAde Zero in my drop bag that I drank at the aid station.

I mostly used Huma gels along with some Hammer than I am trying to use.  I won't be buying anything other than Huma in the future since they are all natural ingredients and taste good.  They are a bit expensive but I don't generally train with gels and only use them during races.

Allan B. and Steve started with me.  They let me lead the pace and I kept it conservative so we walked the uphills.  The course was out and back which was different than I had run in previous years.  We made it to the turn around 3 hr 3:21 min.  On the way back, we ran 3 hr 9 min and passed 11 people.  I felt like it was a decent effort and hoped it wasn't too fast.  Steve and I placed 28 and 29th and Allan finished with another runner we passed near the end.  I was impressed the 3 of us stayed together so long.  Steve and I finished the 50K in 6 hr 30 min and Allan in 6 hr 33 min.

Day 2 - 50 mile:

Saturday's race started at 6 am.  Legs were surprisingly feeling good.  Temperature was a bit cooler that early so I decided to start off with my jacket. It was cloudy all day so overall near perfect conditions.  The 50 mile got off to a bad start since several people turned the wrong way at the first turn. We had just turned and someone yelled at us so got back on track right away.  The faster runners did not.  I started out again running with Steve and Allan but we only stayed together for a few miles and then I didn't see them again.  The course was a loop this year and actually several different loops that connected to some of the same aid stations.  If I had to do it over again, I would have left the jacket behind since the first drop bag was not until 20+ miles.  I ended up tying it around my waist for several miles and it was a pain keeping it in place.

I had at least one person in front of me for quite awhile and didn't have any trouble following the course.  Around mile 24 we had about 1.5 miles of climbing so a lot of walking uphill.  Miles 23 - 30 were pretty slow due to the hills.  At some point a guy passed me and he really helped me keep the pace for awhile.  Running some 10 minute miles and just wanting to get it over with.  Overall, I had an uneventful race with no falls and felt pretty good most of the time.

I finished to 50 mile in 9 hr 37 min and 3rd out of 46.  A few of the people that went off course were counted in separate results.  After the race I was really hungry and ate some of the food at the finish and then had several servings of the spaghetti squash that Hugh prepared along with the sauce that Karen prepared on top.

Day 3 - 20K+:

This is the day that I usually dread but it is short enough that you know you will finish but it might be painful.  We started at 9 am and it was close to 50F and no rain.  Even though the legs felt pretty good once I started running I felt slow.  I ran the first mile which is uphill in 12:51.  It was unusual that I was even attempting to run uphill on the 3rd day.  My pace picked up to 10 min by mile 2 and 3 and 8:28 by mile 4.  Legs felt god and I felt like keeping up the pace.  However by mile 8 I had slowed down a bit and a few people passed me. Two miles from the end someone passed me and I was able to stay with her until the end.

I finished in 2 hr 22 min and overall pace was 10:27 for 13.7 miles.  The course was the same as last year, only in reverse.  I placed 20th out of 89.

Day 1 - 12:58/mi (per GPS) - 6:30:53 - 29 of 65
Day 2 - 13:00/mi (per GPS) - 9:37:09 - 3 of 46
Day 3 - 10:27/mi  (per GPS) - 2:22:50 - 20 of 89

Overall - 12:35/mi - 18:30:52 - 6 of 32.  This is based on my GPS distance of 88.3 miles for the 3 races. This was my fastest time on the same 20K course that I have run before.  The 50K and 50 mile were different than I have run before. I enjoyed the 3 day adventure running in the woods and rock of Arkansas.  I think it is appropriate that the finishing award was a rock since there is a lot of rock out there.

Finishing award is the rock.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 Running and Racing Review

As far as goals go, I had a couple big fails this year.  Overall though a pretty good year and I feel like I moved forward in some areas.  Always room for change and improvement.

Goals accomplished (or not accomplished) for 2014:
I set a goal to do 100 weight workouts and completed 27 weight workouts (20 hrs, 34 min).   Big fail.  In 2013, I completed 55 weight workouts (42 hrs, 55 min).  1.06 per week in 2013 to 0.5 in 2014.

I had a goal to lose 10 - 12 lbs between Jan 1 and March 31 and lost 9 lbs.  I lost 11.6 lbs by June 18.

I set a goal to take 2 - 3 short breaks with 3 - 4 consecutive days of no running.  In 2013 I had 5 breaks and also 5 in 2014.

3/17 - 3/19 - 3 days (after 3 Days of Syllamo)
6/22 - 6/25 - 4 days (after Mohican 100 mile)
10/1 - 10/3 - 3 days (before Rock Bridge Revenge 50K - busy week)
10/20 - 10/24 - 5 days (after Big's Back Yard Ultra - 104 miles)
12/1 - 12/3 - 3 days (felt like taking a break)

I made some progress decluttering the house especially the closets.  The basement is still a disaster but things are moving forward and I am hopeful that in the next few months everything will be completed.  Right now my workout room is gone and there is no room to do weight workouts.

I wanted to use 7 weeks vacation to get balance down to 240 hrs before the end of the year.  Ended up using 5 weeks and 1 day with 297 hours balance.  Big fail.

Unlike last year, I didn't have a goal to do speed workouts and ended up doing very well with 21 workouts April - October thanks to Bob for organizing and keeping us on track.  I did take easy a few of those workouts before races but attended to stay in the groove.  Since then, I have consistently been doing stair workouts every week.

I don't set a milage goal since I tend to get enough.  Interestingly, I had the exact same mileage this year as 2012.  Also, just realized I have run for 11 years over 1,000 miles per year and over 2,000 except 1 year for the past 10 years.

Total Miles:
2014 - 2683 (yes, the exact same as 2012)
2013 - 2405
2012 - 2683
2011 - 2460
2010 - 2839
2009 - 2675
2008 – 3014
2007 – 2572
2006 – 1937
2005 – 2090
2004 - ~1000

Marathons (30 total):
2014 - (1) Heart of America Marathon (BQ)
2013 - (2) Heart of America Marathon (BQ), Kansas City Marathon (BQ)
2012 - (2) Post Oak Trail Marathon, Heart of America Marathon
2011 - (2) Berryman Trail Marathon, Heart of America Marathon (BQ)
2010 - (2) Go! St Louis Marathon (BQ), Heart of America Marathon (BQ)
2009 - (5) Disney Marathon (BQ and Sub-3 hr), 3 Days of Syllamo (Trail), Boston Marathon (BQ and Sub-3 hr), Heart of America Marathon (BQ and Course PR), Louis & Clark Marathon (BQ and Sub-3 hr)
2008 - (4) Boston Marathon (BQ and PR), Laughing Out Loud Marathon, Heart of America Marathon (BQ), Twin Cities Marathon (BQ)
2007 - (5) Laughing Out Load, Berryman (First Trail Marathon - placed
4th), Heart of America (BQ), Baltimore Marathon (BQ), Bass Pro
2006 - (3) Flying Pig (BQ), Heart of America (BQ, Chicago (BQ)
2005 - (3) Mad City, Heart of America (BQ), Portland (BQ)
2004 - (1) Heart of America

Ultramarathons (40 total):
2014 - (7) 3 Days of Syllamo 50K, 3 Days of Syllamo 50 mi, Berryman Trail 50 mi, Mohican 100 mi, Barkley Fall Classic 50K, Rock Bridge Revenge 50K, Big's Backyard Ultra 104 mi
2013 - (4) Land Between the Lakes 50 mi, Berryman Trail 50 mi, Psycho Psummer 50K, Leadville Trail 100 mi
2012 - (9) Post Oak 50K, 3 Days of Syllamo 50K, 3 Days of Syllamo 50 mi, Free State Trail 100K, Berryman Trail 50 mi, Kettle Moraine 100K (PR), Psycho Psummer 50K, Burning River 100 mi, Big Dog's Backyard Ultra 104 mi
2011 - (5) Psycho Wyco 50K, Grand Canyon 47 mi, Psycho Psummer 50K, Rock Bridge Revenge 50K, Pumpkin Holler 100 mi (PR)
2010 - (6) Psycho Wyco 50K, Free State Trail 100K (PR), Kettle Moraine 100 mi (PR), Flatrock 50K, Rock Bridge Revenge 50K, Ozark Trail 100 mi
2009 - (4) 3 Days of Syllamo 50 mi, Psycho Wyco 50K, Berryman 50 mi, Q50 Ultramarathon 50K (PR)
2008 – (4) 3 Days of Syllamo 50K, 3 Days of Syllamo 50 mi, Berryman 50 mi, Rock Creek Trail 50K
2007 - (1) Hocking Hills Indian Run 60K

Number of each type of races for 2014:
100 mi - 2
50 mi - 2
50K - 3
Marathon – 1
Half Marathon - 1
20K - 2
10 mi - 1
10K - 6
4 mi - 4
5K - 9

8 are Thursday night trail races - 13 free races.

Total running miles run in 31 races: 555 miles (last year 41 races – 473 mi)

States I ran marathons and ultras in 2014 (4): AR, KY, MO, OH - no new states
All states I have run marathons and ultras (17): AR, AZ, CO, FL, IL, LA, KS, KY, MA,MD, MN, MO, OH, OK, OR, TN, WI

2014 PR in 4 mi
2013 PR in 50 mi
2012 PRs in 25K, 100K
2011 PRs in 4 mi, 10K, 100 mi
2010 PRs in 1 mi, 4 mi, 10 mi, half marathon, 3/4 marathon, 100K, 100 mi
2009 PRs in 5K, 25K, half marathon, and 50K
2008 PRs in 5K, 5 mi, 10K, 10 mi, marathon, 50K, 50 mi
2007 PRs in 5K, 4 mi, 8K, 5 mi, 10K, 10 mi
2006 PRs in 20K, half Marathon, and marathon

Goals for 2015 (no running goals other than breaks from running):
1.  Continue weight lifting and try to get at least 75 workouts for the year (deadline Dec 31)

2. Take 2 - 3 short breaks from running during the year with at least 3 - 4 consecutive days of no running. (deadline Dec 31)

3. Clean up back yard and plant stuff (already have started the clean up)

4.  Declutter house - basement (complete as soon as basement construction is done)

5.  Use about 6 weeks vacation to get balance down to around 240 hours before end of 2015 (deadline Dec 31)

Races planned for 2015 (subject to change):
January - Runner's Choice 20K (cancelled due to cold)
February - Nut Race 5K
March - Super Scout 5K, 3 Days of Syllamo, Sedalia Half Marathon (conflict with Syallamo so did not run)
April - Mustang Stampede 5K
May - Berryman Trail 50 miler
June - Kettle Moraine 100 (don't feel like it)
July - Parley Pratt 4 mi, Show-Me Games 10K
August - Great Sandbagger 10K
September - Heart of America Marathon
October – Rock Bridge Revenge 50K
November - Hunger Run 5K, Thanksgiving Day Pie Run 10K
December - Cheese and  Sauerkraut 10 miler, Columbia Eve Fest 5K