Saturday, November 07, 2009

2009 Cranberry Crawl 10K

I was feeling better this morning, but didn't know if that would mean I run faster or not. The plan was to finish the 10K in 1 hr 20 or less. I lined up about mid-pack and moved way over to the side since I wasn't sure if I was in the right place for whatever pace I might run. I started off pretty slow but definitely better than the 11:30 miles I have been running on the trail. I was easily passing people up the hills and this pace felt okay and was low impact. For the first 2 miles, I passed a lot of people.

At the end of the first loop, it looked like I was going to finish in under an hour so that was good to see. I passed a few more and then caught up to a girl (Emily) and she seemed to be the right pace so I stayed with her. We had a good conversation about running and ran together until the last hill where there less room on the side of the road to run. I picked up a little to stay out of the way of any cars passing and since it was a hill, I felt like I could run faster.

Overall, this was very easy for me and my butt gave me fewer problems today which I think helped with the pace. From what I can tell, it is the SI joint that is becoming inflamed and keeping me from running faster. I did hold back for this run but not sure if I can run this pace on a normal run or if it was because of the race. Hopefully, it is a sign I am getting better, but I do not plan to push the pace for quite awhile. I'd be very happy if I could run 9 min miles pain free for awhile.

I placed 3rd in my age group with a time around 58 min, about a 9:27 pace. I didn't quite get my GPS started for a few seconds at the beginning. I picked out a pair of Mizzou running socks from the table of prizes. Hugh placed 1st in his age group in the 10K.

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Judith Kaufman said...

Glad you are feeling better. Your slow pace is about my fast pace :)