Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 MU Dog Jog 5K

Today I ran the MU Dog Jog. The plan was for me to run with Bruno and Hugh run with Rusty. We didn't have a chance of winning this one since I knew there were a couple faster guys with dogs than me. Dan was planning to run with Copper and Tanner and didn't get there to about 7:55 and thought he would just watch and then decided to enter. I filled out his form while Hugh held onto Bruno and we all made it to the start line on time.

I decided to just let Bruno run but was also hoping he would pace a little better, but he did run really well. He started out at a 5-something pace just like Paws in the Park. I noticed that when I tried to talk to the guy next to me without a dog I was out of breath. After the first mile I noticed my watch wasn't running so started it. I thought I had started but it was just showing the pace and shut off. We could see Mike D. and Riley, and Jacquie and Finlay ahead of us. They were staying about the same distance so thought just maybe we could catch up to them. Eventually, Riley decided she was done and we passed Mike. Less than half mile from the finish Bruno plops into the grass. I let him rest a few seconds since no one is close behind and then convince him to get back up. I never did catch up to Jacquie and Finlay.

Bruno finished in 19:40 based on what they told me I was able to determine my first mile split which made sense. He ran this race pretty much the same mile paces as Paws in the Park. I was second male with a dog and Matt Laye finished first male with dog way ahead of me. As far as I know there was no prize for second since had to leave early, but did get a bag of dog related goodies before the race. It was a fun race and the course was well-marked. I think Dan was 4th male with dog and Hugh was 5th.

m1 - 5:40
m2 - 6:30
m3 - 6:53
0.09 - 0:38 (6:48 pace)

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