Sunday, November 19, 2006

Training 11/13 - 11/19 and Cross Country Xtreme

Mon- Rest

Tues- Dave’s Dirty Devil, 6.66 mi, 50:46, 7:37/mi

Wed- Rest

Thurs- Rain run, 7.1 mi, 52:20, 7:22/mi

Evening: Weights, upper body, 40 min


Sat- Boatman Hill (7 am), 6 mi, 54:40, 9:07/mi

Cross County XTreme (9 am)-~3 mi, 28 min

This was my first Cross Country Xtreme and it was a fun event. Many people dressed in costume for the race. We ran through over creeks, in muddy creeks trying to dodge mud and trees, sawdust/manure uphill, and over big round hay bales. Along the way, we looked for 4 different buckets of wrist bands. Each bucket had a different color and we could take one from each bucket. We completed the course twice. Once we finished the race we received a raffle ticket and an extra ticket for each of the different color wrist bands. I found 3 wristbands and Hugh found all 4 wristbands.

After everyone finished they picked numbers for the first set of raffle prizes and we would pick something from a group of prizes. One of our numbers was picked and I chose a Bumble Bar. Next they picked one of our numbers for tickets to different groups performing at the Blue Note. I chose Los Lonely Boys.

There were also prizes for top 3 in each age group, costume, most muddy, most bloody. I would guess that Hugh came close to winning the most bloody with a scrape on his leg, but another guy had been cut by barbed wire. Hugh’s leg really wasn’t too bad there was a bit of blood. I just had a few minor scratches. Hugh wore overalls, and his nose from the flying pig. I think he placed 8th in the costume contest and was awarded a rubber chicken. I placed 3rd in my age group (30-39) which was a surprise since I stopped several times. The award was made from items you might find along the course.

3rd place age group award:

My muddy shoes:

Hugh as Farmer Pig Man


Rusty and Bruno enjoying the rubber chickens:

Cross-Country Extreme - The Video!

Cross-Country Extreme - Photos.

Cross-Country Extreme - More Photos.

Race results were burned in the bon-fire!

Sun- Prathersville, 13.5 mi, 1:58:53, 8:48/mi

I woke up and legs felt fine from yesterday so I planned 13.5 miles. My HR averaged only 126 on this run. I counted at least 10 good hills on this course and felt good.

Evening: Weights, upper body, 45 min

Running: 36.26 mi

Cycling: 0

Weight-lifting: 85 min

YTD Running: 1700 mi

YTD Cycling: 575.6 mi

November 23rd-Thanksgiving Day Pie Run 5K/10K
December 2nd-Jinglebell 5K Run for Arthritis
December 9th-Cheese and Sauerkraut 10 Miler
December 31st-First Night 5K


Kurt said...

Well your nuts for sure! Comes from living in a dreaded M state.

Actually looked like and sounded like a lot of fun.

The joy of running!

Hugh said...

Here's a picture of Andy wearing the costume I made for him (which he didn't wear). I need some feedback: is this, like Andy said, "creepy"?

Hugh said...

Here's me as "farmer porky"

Kurt said...

Hugh, no picture of Andy is available. It came back as no access available.